Well, we have some big shoes to fill in the secondary, but the Ticats are beatable. It all comes down to execution, execution, execution.

Our 3 Ls are nothing to be ashamed of. The East is a strong division this year, which will make for a great finish. While there's no guarantee of an East Final at the Big Owe, even that is not yet out of reach. Winnipeg may yet go into a funk, and we can help that happen by beating them twice.

So, let's get 'em in Hamilton!

Go Als go!!!!

Crucial game, particularly if Winnipeg beats Saskatchewan on Sunday. If Winnipeg wins-they should- and we lose,we will be 6 points behind Winnipeg and may have to say bye bye to 1st place.

So far, Winnipeg won 4 games against Eastern teams.-2 Ham,2 Tor.-; we won 2 against Tor. and lost 1 against Ham. Winnipeg is 3-1 against Western teams while we are 3-2.

When we compare the last ten games, Winnipeg seems to have an easier schedule,at least based on present records. We will play 3 times against Ham. and Winnnipeg and once against Edm.,Tor.,Cal.and B.C. Winnipeg will play 3 times against us,twice against Sask. and Tor. and once against Ham.,Edm. and Cal.

The “partisan” in me hopes for a Winnipeg loss on Sunday and an Als win on Monday. We would be 2 points behind and 1st place would be easier to achieve.


Success is dependent on health as much as anything else. I don't think we had a single injury in the secondary as serious as any of the current injuries to Brown, Boulay, Brouillette, and Estelle. This season, we have four starters out with severe long-term injuries. Not only that, but we suffered these injuries in the first half of the season -- in Brown's case in the first quarter of the first game of the season. These are difficult injuries to overcome. Playing without three-fifths of our starting secondary and having to start our third and fourth-string safeties for the past few games are significant challenges.

Like Richard, I'm hoping for a Winnipeg loss and Montreal win this week, but I don't think either scenario is likely. This may be the week that Winnipeg pulls away and secures the division crown, and you know what? It's all right. We don't have a divine right to win first place in the East year after year, and certainly not in a season when we've suffered so many serious injuries in our secondary.

je crois que c'est dans ces prochaines parties qu'on verra l'envergure du génie de Trestman, et celle du génie de Tibesar aussi.

C'est dans l'adversité que les entraîneurs peuvent se révéler. Tant que les Alouettes avaient une équipe nettement au-dessus de la division, les succèes étaient prévisibles. Maintenant, c'est dans la position des négligés que notre équipe d'entraîneurs devra s'activer.

Si les Alouettes gagnent ces parties avec une défensive aussi décimée, on pourra être confiants pour la suite de la saison.

Certes, les Blue Bombers méritent amplement les succèes qu'ils cumulent. J'aurais tout de même aimé voir mon équipe compétitionner avec eux avec ses partants en santé.

I agree that Winnipeg should be heavily favoured against Sask, but I beg to differ that a W against the Ticats is unlikely.

We didn't execute for 60 minutes in our 3 Ls; that, I humbly submit, is the main reason for the 5-3 record. Football is a game where injuries are commonplace and you have to learn to play with injuries. We have been pleasantly surprised by some of the second- and third-stringers who have been thrust into service due to injuries. Moton Hopkins comes immediately to mind. So, time to man up and have these guys play at the top of their game!

Lest we forget, every CFL team has to come after us. The Als are the reigning champs; we've been there before and have had opposition along the way - it wasn't a pushover. I believe we have the talent and character to get the job done. There is still half a season to go and to quote Yogi Berra - "it's not over till it's over".

So, let's not rule out a W on Monday, nor the possibily of finishing 1st.

Go Als go!!!

Both Hamilton and Montreals defensive backfield are vulnerable right now. So it will come down to who can put the most points up. I expect a very similar game to last week Calgary game. Anthony has been a little inconsistant this year in relation to his usual play I mean. Also I would not be surprised to see Hamilton use Porter at some point during this game.

Agreed, Hfx.

AC has indeed been off in some games. He has unaccustomly been over- or under-throwing his receivers. Further, many of our star receivers have been dropping very catchable passes - very strange indeed! However, I still maintain that Whitaker must be a regular part of the O-schemes. I don't have stats in front of me, but I would be willing to bet that in 3 Ls, we underused the running game. i believe that a well-balanced attack will be the more likely to be successful. Everyone in the park and on the opposing D knows that AC's days are numbered and that he would like to retire after having shattered CFL passing records. So, a good mixture of pass-run, and we will be able to rack up more Ws. I would like nothing better than to see AC leave in a blaze of glory, but that would only be done, IMO, with the GC hoisted over his head once more!

On D, I think we have to go with a few more blitz packages. While taking nothing away from Glenn, he, like most QBs, will get unnerved by a relentless attack. There is no doubt that the Ticats have a great receiving corps that can hurt you if Glenn can get the ball to them. The key, therefore, is to not let him do that. As you have said, we are vulnerable for the moment in the secondary. Well, it's time for the second- and third-stringers to impress; they have been patiently waiting in the wings for precisely this type of opportunity, and now it's their turn.

I am not writing off the Als yet. The point is the East now has three good teams; I'm not sure the Argos can turn their season around, but they can never be taken lightly either. We have key games with Winnipeg that will most likely determine our final standings. But first things first! We have to get a W against the Ticats!

Go Als go!!!

Je crois plutôt que nous en avons besoin de 2...

Trestman is saying if Emry out, and it appears he will be, he will be replaced by:

MLB - Guzman/Ferri
Weak Side LB - Spencer/Ridgeway

I don`t agree with this. We should dress Laybourne and have Guzman/Ferri/Laybourne rotate in the 2 spots. This would mean sitting out London and using Deslauriers.

Hamilton I`m sure are working on ways to exploit Spencer/Ridgeway as I write this - quick screens, etc.

Well, this may be a back-and-forth game like the game against the Stamps. I hope that we are clicking on all cylinders on O and run up a score the Ticats can't match.

On D, the replacements will have to have solid games. Let's not despair - Moton Hopkins did very well in precisely such circumstances. Guzman has also been fairly consistent. Emry has done yoeman work also, but was weak on occasion. The one area of concern for me is the deep routes in the secondary.

So, replacements, this is your gloden opportunity. Now, go out there and execute!

Go Als go!!

I think I'm with you Sheldon. I'd have Guzman in the middle, Ferri outside, and to make that work in terms of the ratio, Deslauriers starts and London takes a seat; we rarely ever throw to London anyway.

On a peu lancé à London récemment parce qu'on essaye de faire débloquer Watkins, avec l'insuccès que l'on sait. Je serais pour l'idée d'utiliser plus Deslauriers. Pour ce qu'on lui a demandé cette année, il a bien répondu à l'appel. Je ne diminue en rien le travail de London, mais avec Deslauriers comme receveur, ça fait effectivement de la place pour un joueur de plus dans la ligne secondaire.

J'espère que les receveurs réguliers se sont pratiqués à attraper les passes-canon. Ce sont celles-là qu'ils ont le plus échappées, même si elles se rendaient dans leurs mains. C'est dans ces circonstances que l'on s'ennuie de Cahoon.

If Coach starts four import receivers. I will be calling the honeymoon officially over and Deslaurier should march into Desjardin's office and demand to be released...

We already start four import receivers: Richardson, Green, Watkins, and Bratton. If we start five (i.e. London), yes, I'll call that honeymoon over as well. I don't care what potential London has in the long term -- in the here and now, we need that import spot on defense, and Deslauriers is IMO perfectly capable of playing in our five-receiver sets.

Herb writes that Jermaine McElveen will play; if so,unless we sit an import receiver, an import defensive lineman will have to sit. Maypray should play and Spencer was practicing as MLB; Guzman practiced at his position. Ferri was not at full speed; he could remain on injured and 5 import receivers would dress.-me saying that, not Herb- I will be extremely surprised if Mark Trestman sits an import receiver; we must not forget that there are only 6 receivers on the active roster-excluding KR-; unthinkable that only 5 will dress.If only 4 import receivers dress,we will have to transfer Matt Lambros from the practice to active roster.

Herb adds that Seth Williams will play at Mark Estelle position; only 1 change. Parker,Dix and Anderson will remain at their positions, along with the safeties.


Didn't think I'd be missing Jon Banks

Walter Spencer at middle linebacker?
Walter is a great ST player...don't get me wrong
But his linebacking stints have been painful to watch

It's hard to get down on a team when they've been plagued by so many injuries
But one thing is becoming obvious:
While being devoted to one's players is great n all
Dogged fatalistic stubbornness in the face of flamboyant mediocrity is definitely NOT

So yay...McElveen is back in the lineup
So he can continue doing nothing at defensive end
And Tim (worst in the league) Maypray is back from injury
Perry Floyd gets one shot to make it
Anwar Stewart had a brief resurrection
lasted a quarter or so
Should be somnambulant from here on in

While I respect Trestman's skills in motivating players...calling games etc
This "sticking with the guys that got us here" philosopy was debatable when we were winning
It's "nostagie de gangrene" when we're not

I'm past hoping Popp will pull some talent out of his "hat" this season
His miracle cornucopia has run out
So we're stuck with what/who we've got
And that ain't good enough
Not nearly

Out of curiosity, what do you propose that Popp should do? 3 of the starting 5 db's have gone down to long term injury. How many teams will be willing to trade a db to the Als without having to give up the perverbial farm?
Sure he can go out and try and lure an NFLer who has been cut or will be cut in the next week or two. But will that make the diference? A player who has not played with the team all season long unfamilair to the Als system.
One can blame Popp for not addressing the D line before the start of the season. But not sure about the fact that 3 of the 5 starting db's being injured can be hung on Popp, Trestman and the rest of the Als management team.
For now, yes they will have to make do with what players they have.
And who knows, maybe Popp is working on replacements which may happen in the short term.

Obviously Popp isn't the least responsible for the injury problems the Als have had in the secondary.
I'd think it was obvious that I was referring to other under-performing aspects of the team...
Most notably on the defensive line...and at kickreturner.

While it's great and sure to help that Seth Williams is joining the starting lineup
It's doubtful that he or anyone else will have much impact if the front four continues it's anemic play.
The only move in this crucial area has been to bring in Luc Mullinder...only to see him released soon after.
Ironically...most agree that defensive end is one of very few positions where a new player can be plugged in with a minimum of preparation.
Leaving aside that Eskimos game, the Alouettes have consistently had the most feeble d-line in the league
With no help on the way.

The other position that could use an immediate upgrade is kick returner
Enough has been written on this subject
I won't add to the frustration.

" the secondary continues to be revolving door, with a different line up of five starters each of the last two days. I won't be able to say with any degree of certainty who will be starting until tomorrow."

Guess who the above quote pertains to?

No, not our beloved Als, but to the Tiger-Cats. Its from todays Drew Edward`s blog.

What is the story on Curtis Dublanko? I thought he looked good in preseason.