Als-Ticats The Sequel

Last time the Alouettes beat the Cats...Adrian McPherson was the starting quarterback
A span of four games...including a pre-season trouncing

It's time to get our heads back in the game
Bring some swagger of our own

It looks like this could be the Alouettes East-Semi playoff matchup
Hopefully we'll make a better showing than last week

Good luck to the Als
Go Als Go!

1st garbage none call by the ref in this game. Wait, Cox, Anderson or Parker will be getting a crap PI call against them soon. Whyte misses a 30 yard field goal. Great start!

Well, so far, so good.

Let's keep it up for 60 minutes, boys! Running up the score would be nice, too!

Go Als go!!!!

Don't want to jinx anything
But the Als are looking intense and motivated
Nice start to the game

Good points so far: play calling, Whitaker playing lights out, Watkins looking good, London's first TD, AC on target, O line giving time, Brouillette making an impact; defence stuffing Cats' offence, Cobourne in particular.

Bad points? Only two; AC missing a wide open Bratton in the end zone, and McPherson's horrible lateral to Whitaker (and congrats to Whitaker for bailing him out)

Well, now we'll see what kind of D we have. Glenn has to stretch the field, and we have to cover properly; a few QB sacks would be nice, too!

C'mon boys - black flag!

Well, the only fly in the ointment for me so far is some bad playcalling on 1st down - long bombs. For some reason, these have not been very successful lately. So, until we work that one out, let's keep the intermediate/short routes going. Eats up the clock and keeps the drive going. Also has the dvantage of tiring out the opposing D.

C'mon guys, let's get this done. I'm not satisfied with just 29 points - let's crack 40!!!!

What I do NOT want to see, is what we've seen too often in the past. . . getting a good lead, then easing up on the gas, going all vanilla and letting the other team back in the game. Let's not do that this time, for a change. . .

"great start" - are you watching the same game? Looks like a great start to me.

noticed they stopped using Whitaker in the 2nd quarter as much as in the 1st. Agree with you, hope they do not take the foot off the gas and call passing plays entire 2nd half.

Tony look what time I posted.....sorry it was a bad start, I have now eaten my words.

Hey, hey, hey!!! Well, that's more like it!

Still not satisfied with 43 - I'd like to see an even 50. We had to win like this to give Hamilton and the rest of league something to think about. This is vitally important, considering that Winnipeg is our next opponent.

But, first things first! Let's finish this off and finish BIG!!!!

Go Als go!!!!

Cobourne: 5 carries 2 yards

Guess they won't be taking out Eric Wilson again any time soon
Great game by the defence...despite losing Anderson
Brouillette looked great too.
Dix is now the veteran in the secondary

The offence back on track...BIG time
Watkins is officially out of his slump
Calvillo too

The return game was a little weak
So it goes

My hate for Dave Stala is almost up there with Mike Komisarek. Throw water at someone and expect the person to just walk away? I wish London would of clocked him instead of giving him a fifi slap. Anyone watch the game on RDS, they showed it there.

Great game. Only negative was our awful special teams play. Let's see:

Whyte misses a makeable FG.
Holding and no-yards penalties galore.
Burned by Thigpen on a big return.
Burned on a fake punt.
Floyd bobbles a punt and has to take a knee for a safety.
Not much blocking support for Floyd on kick returns.

If Bischoff is still in charge of ST next season, this is not a meritocracy.

Loved what I saw of Brouillette today, guy is a baller and I can't wait to see him get better as he gets more CFL experience.

Kitwana Jones had a strong game, as did Ferri and Guzman in run support. And kudos to the secondary for keeping it together and not allowing an offensive touchdown even after Anderson got injured (we don't seem to have any injury luck with our DBs this year).

Sask ahead against Wpg. That would make next week's game a fight for 1st in the East. What a difference a week makes. C'mon Sask!

It is pretty weird how that can change year to year
Last year we had like two man/games of injury in the secondary
I don't even want to know how much injury time we've had

Good to see Anderson tutoring Paul Woldu
Woldu was being targeted by the Ticats
And held up pretty well

It’s fun to be rooting for the Riders for a change
Thx Riders for the last 2 weeks
Next week it’s up to us

Go Als!

And thank you, T&M, for the return of the screen play, the quick sideline out, and the short passing game in general!