als-ticats IV

This game will come down to the battles along the line of scrimmage. If the Als vacate the middle the way they have many times this season Hamilton will seize the opportunites and put up some points, if we are disciplined and force Glenn or Porter to pass the football we'll be ok if the safety position holds up.

Agreed. I'm pretty sure the Dwight Anderson experiment is over in Montreal. Assuming everyone is healthy next year, we could field a starting secondary of:

Corner - Estelle
Half - Brown
Safety - Boulay / Brouillette
Half - Parker
Corner - Williams
Backups - Dix, Woldu

Not sure we need to pay DA top dollar to blow coverages and get flagged for PI.

I hope that we will win tomorrow but it could be difficult; the 3 players I fear the most/that can hurt us the most,particularly on special teams, are:Terry Grant,Marcus Thigpen and Chris Williams.
It will be difficult, but we're playing at home, and the Cats have just as many injuries in their secondary as we do (they have four starters out at the moment, I believe). Hopefully we can exploit their injury-riddled defensive backfield.

I am not sure Estelle will be able to come back. Why do you guys think Anderson has been kicked off the team ? Any info or just assumptions ?

Just got back from McGill stadium as the redmen lost again 33-18 to the carabins.

I see there are still 1,100 tix for tomorrow. A thought occured as i looked at the stadium. Might be an idea to remove the west end zone seats to bring it down to a 24,000 seat stadium and just basically add those seats only if there is demand.

Otherwise the one advantage of having 1,000 empty seats is people have a little more room to sit and people can spread out across the stadium to make it look like a sellout.

I'll dedicate tomorrow's game to a vet colleague who 'offed' himself a year ago tomorrow. The 13th vet in 20 years in Quebec to do so. Hopefully that 13th man will help our 13th man. Nearly packed it in myself in 2007 before the home opener. Better to be the 13th man for the als.

Go als go. Might rain tomorrow. has reported that Anderson's season is done. when questioned about the injury Trestman apparently got a little edgy with reporters and mentioned 'since you're insisting i'll say it again, the doctor told me he is out for 9 weeks and will be not be back, I did not ask the doctor about the nature of the injury.'

Hmmm..... :?

To me, Anderson is not worth was he is paid. He has been called often for pass interferences; in a game at Hamilton, he was accused,by security guards, of spitting at fans; in a game in Montreal, he poked a Rider player in the eye; according to Rick Moffatt of CJAD,in last monday's game, there was a shouting match on the sidelines between Anderson and Jerald Brown; Jim Popp had to corral players out of sight from the fans. All negative factors that will end his association with the Als,according to me. Sure, Jim Popp is saying "I hope he comes back stronger next year" but he can't say otherwuse; there are at least 5 more games in the current season. Tone will change in the off-season.

I also doubt that Estelle will be back.


Thanks for the insight... Really too bad cause we could sure use him.

The Calgary/Toronto game last evening was interesting concerning that Burris ,after a horrible 1st half ,was replaced by Drew Tate their second string QB. This appeared to be a sound move as Tate successfully ignited the offensive team. Will Trestman bring McPherson into tomorrows game should Calvillo stall, just as Burris did last evening? AC can run hot and cold- this might be an option that Trestman, on my opinion, will not even consider. Should He?

LOL, Burris has been awful this year, while Calvillo leads all QBs in just about every measurable category. No way that happens. Anthony takes care of his body and has better accuracy than Burrris can dream of. He doesn't hand out picks like they're candy, and he doesn't short-hop easy throws to wide-open receivers on sideline routes more than once per calendar year. The comparison is completely inapt, with no disrespect intended to you, Niagara.

Huffnagel knows what he's doing. I think Burris may have force his hand. I'm sure Huffnagel would have prefered to finish the season with Burris and get the best value for him in the off season but he's played so poorly that he forced his coach's hand.

The writing was on the wall anyway when Reynolds lost his starter's position. Cornish, Forzani... Calgary is rebuilding on the fly and Tate is part of that new offense I think. I saw some things from Tate in the huddle that don't lie. Huffnagel has been planning this for a while now. Tate was awesome last night, you can't sit that guy and look at your fans in the eyes...

Tate reminds me a lot of Dunnigan.

I just read the posts " Tate for Stamps QB'. You are both right, it does appear that Burris is being replaced by Tate. If the past is any indication, will we see Burris in Toronto next year? Burris' skills have been so suddenly lost. It was just yesterday that he was rated as one of the top three QBs in the CFL .I am most happy that our team has McPherson as our future QB.

Yup, I think we're seeing a changing of the guard in Calgary in Tate, Cornish, and Forzani -- wouldn't surprise me to see Burris, Reynolds, and Ken-Yon "I won't lay out for a catch" Rambo released in the offseason.

Burris is going to have to work harder and smarter in the off season if he want's to get his "stuff" back but Toronto would be a great place if he's prepared to put the effort in. Burris can help sell football in Toronto especially if he gets his form back and helps them win games.

I wonder if he's in the option year of his contract, because he refuses to run this year...Burris is not a pocket passer, a lot of strange things going on in Calgary this year.


I think it's one of those situations where a QB's ego outstrips his ability. I think Burris thinks of himself as a pocket-passer who can run, not realizing that he doesn't have the accuracy or the ability to read the field to be a consistently successful pocket-passer. The added weight has made him a crappy scrambler, and at age 36, his arm has lost a bit of mustard, resulting in those short-hop throws that he can't just make on arm strength over technique / mechanics.

I can't say I'm overly sad to see it happen. Burris strikes me as a whiny, annoying, self-important douche. Always yapping to the refs looking for a penalty, running his mouth about player awards. Even now, when his game is in the toilet, he brings up his 2010 MOP award as if anyone gives a crap. :lol:

Check this out, BURRIS rushing totals...

2008 : 595 yards (rushing)
2009 : 552 yards
2010 : 491 yards
2011: 375 yards 12 FUMBLES

Pretty steady decline there.

Not surprising. Pierce, Jyles, Lulay, and Durant are all better scramblers in 2011. Burris is coasting on past accomplishments and his coaches are finally starting to realize it. Hufnagel said it best in the TSN article: he pulled Burris because of two INTs and a short-hopped incompletion to a wide-open receiver. Henry will have to buckle down: drop some weight, change his diet, and get his mechanics correct. Otherwise he’ll be in Kerry Joseph territory in a year or two.

Regarding Anderson, Jim says he has a torn Quadricep... that's a very serious injury...

Selon ce qu'a mentionné le directeur général Jim Popp, Anderson souffre d'une déchirure à un quadriceps

Fishy. Why are we only just now finding out that Anderson has a torn quad? He was injured weeks ago. When Brown and Estelle went down, we found out very quickly that they were done for the season. This doesn't sound right. I think Jim is spinning it to cover up the fact that Trestman and Tibesar don't want Anderson back...

Dear sweet eskimos. Just for tonight I love you. :slight_smile: Thank you thank you thank you. :wink: