als-ticats IV

only 6 days away. that's just enough for rest and practice. I suspect the als will play a better game than today. still can't believe we shaved those 31 points by which we lost both games in hamilton. If we actually won by one point i guess the next tiebreak would be the div. records.

Gonna sleep good tonight. really good.

Every game until the end of the season is important. As much as I like seeing the als win this time of year is much more exciting with a legitimate threat to take the division away from us. We definitely need to bring our best game forward against the ticats because if we win this game and the esks beat winnipeg we would be able to take the division the following week against the bombers. I know that's a lot of ifs but a win against Hamilton this week will go a long way towards getting the division

you summed it up with one IF so we should be ok. :wink:

and it only now occured to me (d'oh) that even if we win by one point making the scores even we'll be 3 games up on them and we'll have a div. record of 6-3 and them 4-5 with one game each left.

So just win and we're in (second place at least).

The next 2 games are extremely important. A win against Hamilton and we will be assured of 2nd place. In order to have a chance to finish 1st,we would then have to beat Winnipeg,on October,22,2011.

If we lose against Hamilton,we may not finish in 2nd place; hence, the last 2 Hamilton games are against Toronto and Saskatchewan,while we will be playing against Calgary and BC. What I worry most against Hamilton are their special teams; could be the difference.

I am somewhay surprised that the Als are already selling-starting tomorrow- tickets for a playoff game at the Stade Olympique; for some, it could be perceived as arrogant; yes,we are 4 points ahead of Hamilton but we must win next game to be sure of a playoff game at home. Let’s hope for a win next Sunday.


I already bought 8. It makes sense to get a head start. The sooner the better.

There are still a lot of scenarios that can play out. Winnipeg has a real tough game in Edmonton this week. Then they get Montreal and Toronto at home. They could go 1-3. Same for us, we have Hamilton, Winnipeg on the road and then a very good road team in Calgary at Mcgill stadium. We could also go 1-3. Lots of football left to play and I'm hoping we get Anderson back soon, would be really nice to have him back.The four guys on the nine game. I don't think we see any of them till post season if that.

There are no easy games for the Als until season's end. This is the CFL (which some have called the "crazy" football league!) and anything can happen.

In many ways we have had a difficult season with injuries, especially to our D secondary. But we have run hot and cold on O as well. With absolutely no disrespect to the greatest passer of all time north or south of the border, AC has been inconsistent and has not connected regularly on deep routes this season. AC would be the first to admit it. Further, we have also at times forgotten that we have a 1000-yd TB who is a difference maker. We have often not brought enough pressure off the ends and up the middle, thus putting a strain on our already strained secondary. Our STs - well, what more can I add to that? And, we will be playing teams that can beat you when they're on their games.

IMO, the next 4 games must be played like playoff games. If not, we may just not be making the trip to BC for an attempt at a 3-peat. And I quite agree with you, Richard, but it is waaaaaaay too premature to be selling tickets to the Big Owe at this point! All we have done with Monday's win is secure a berth in post-season play, nothing else!

So, Trestman and Milanovich have to put their heads together to come up with O and D schemes that will advance us in the standings for the next 4 weeks. It's going to be an uphill battle right to the end unless, of course, a few teams cave. So, it's gut-check time guys!

Go Als go!!!!

Hamilton, Winnipeg, Calgary, BC
Four remaining opponents on the season
All fighting for playoff positions
All more than capable of beating the Alouettes on any given night.

It would be absurdly cliched to state that the Als have their work cut out for them
Regardless...4 games against four pretty good defences
And while The Cats, Stamps and Bombers have been hot and cold on offence lately
There can be no letting up...or taking things for granted
As we may well have done against Toronto
Or in the last part of the Winnipeg game

We might as well write off any hopes for ST this year
I wrote 2 years ago that Larry Taylor arguably won us at least 2 games/season
In his last game against BC...he came close to doing the same for the Stampeders
With a touchdown return and another brought back to the BC 28...setting up a score.

Point's hard to remember the last time we had that kind of field positional advantage
Regularly handed to us by our return guy
Maybe Bischoff is a large part of the problem
Or maybe we just haven't found anyone who comes close to replacing Taylor
it's certainly clear how rare such talented returners are in any league
And how one man can sometimes make all the difference

Speaking of which
The impressive turnaround/resurgence of Anwar Stewart is just what the doctor ordered on defence
The pressure he's bringing...and the pass-blocking/interception skills he's always had is making life that much easier for our coverage guys. And who hasn't noticed Seth Williams and his weekly evolution? What a gem....and could the timing be any better?

I only hope the Alouettes continue to focus on Whitaker...expanding his role in the offence.
A blinkered re-hashing of the same-old Calvillo sky-game will be suicidal down the stretch.
And if we can't work out some kind of counter to the pressure a lot of teams are bringing against AC...especially in the red-zone...there could be a lot of sense to bringing McPherson in in key situations to throw defences off.
It's been Calvillo's Achilles Heel over the years (especially in Grey Cup losses)...and there hasn't been much sign it's gotten any better.
No question good defences and good DC's are going to exploit it in those key situations

If Anthony's really going to be sticking around just to equalise his GC record
(as has been suggested on TSN)
He might be well advised to accept some help in the attempt
Or risk adding one more to the "column of shame"

Realistically...the constant chatter about "parity" in the CFL comes down to this:
The Alouettes are no longer the dominant powerhouse in the East.
And when you assess what defines a "powerhouse" it's not hard to agree
That such a team has few if any glaring and obvious weaknesses
This simply isn't true of the 2011 version of the Montreal Alouettes

Fortunately...neither is it true of any other team in the East
Or the CFL for that matter (except BC Lions?)
And while I'd be happier with an Alouettes team that matches up
position by position
With any opponent in the league
At this point...I'll be thrilled if the Als manage to scrape by and win it all
Any way they can

Go Als!

and it's Josh Bourke and Brandon London's birthday this sunday. a win always makes a good present. :smiley:

ugh. 3 more days before the game. so much waiting. :frowning:

well here's a humorous take on my condition,illness,disease whatever just passed last wednesday.

enjoy while we wait. :wink:

I have got ours too. I do not want to take the chance and I want the best seats that I want. However, it is still far from being guaranteed. Would really hate it if I have to get refunds...

I’m giving 4 tickets to women’s hockey sensation Caroline Ouellette’s mom to do as she pleases.

Saturday night the 19th at Etienne Desmarteaux arena near the big O there is a women’s hockey game to promote breast cancer awareness, admission is free.

Still 1200 tix for sunday so it looks like Ray will have to work in the off season to boost ticket sales. I’m cautiously optimistic for the playoff game. At least 35,000 if it’s nov. 13 at least 40,000 if it’s the 20th would be the minimum. Not sure we’ll reach 50K this year but I hope I’m wrong of course.

Beau geste!

Je ne sais pas si les Alouettes seront les hôtes d'une partie d'après-saison, mais j'y serai si c'est le cas. Une victoire dimanche et ce sera dans le sac.

L'an dernier, j'étais dans la toute dernière rangée du stade, et je peux vous dire que la vue était encore intéressante. On voyait très bien le développement du jeu et les opportunités sur le terrain. J'étais dans section T1 lors de la première partie contre les Blue Bombers. Toute l'action s'est déroulée à l'autre bout du terrain et je regrettais alors ma position éloignée du Stade Olympique, c'est tout vous dire.

Si cette partie a lieu, je suis confiant qu'il y aura 50 000 personnes.

Then let's make it so. :thup: 50,000 times

Well, I hope the Als have recovered from the hoopla of AC becoming pro football's all-time leading passer in almost every category.

If they are to make a serious run at a 3rd GC, the Als have to treat every game like the playoffs have already begun. So, the first playoff game starts Sunday. Every team we face until the end of the season is capable of beating us; the Ticats have already beaten us badly. Three of those teams are still fighting for first place, Winnipeg in the East and Calgary and BC in the West.

We are now at the de facto "mathematical equations" point this season - if this team wins, if that team loses.... We can't be concerned with what happens elsewhere, so we simply have to win! That way, we may look forward to the bye and a date at the Big Owe. Otherwise, we will be scoreboard watching for the next 4 weeks. We know we have the horses to get the job done, the patchwork secondary notwithstanding. But, the name of the game is - execute, execute, EXECUTE!!!!!

Go Als go!!!!

It appears Ham. will be alternating Porter at QB. I would assume they will put him in every three series or so. He has always given us problems with his running so our LBs have to be prepared.

Just as Henry Burris can be Hank or Frank (he was Frank last night!), Kevin can be Glenn or Glenda. When he`s on his quick release can be impressive. But in either case we will be seeing some of Porter.

And until Anderson is back, there is the added pressure on our revamped secondary to handle Williams, Thigpen, Stala, etc.
We will need strong d-line pressure.

Defensively the Tiger-Cats also have a revamped secondary, particularly on the wide side, and hopefully A.C.`s experience will find the holes.

Also have to shut down Thigpen`s returns, but hopefully not with pooch kicks.

Anderson put on 9 game injured list............

Any word on Bowman? He was injured at the end of the game last Monday.

I will be extremely surprised if Dwight Anderson wears an Als uniform again. In the past 2 to 3 weeks he has been returned home on a few occasions,from practice, because of personal/family reasons. The Als have realized that they can win without him. I think that Mark Trestmam has had enough of him.

I hope that we will win tomorrow but it could be difficult; the 3 players I fear the most/that can hurt us the most,particularly on special teams, are:Terry Grant,Marcus Thigpen and Chris Williams.