Als-Ticats III

Once again Osaisai looking like a doucheface on a play. And wow Fantuz relax…TSN turned ur free agent watch into a Mats Sundin watch loser.

The words i want to use and the things i want to smash will both get me kicked out of this forum and my house, but why bother even going there and wasting 7 hrs of train time for what? I want to smash Burris's face so i dont have to look at his gapped tooth ever again.

Thats it Jeff Reinebold keep making faces on the sidelines its only the first quarter.

well looks like the O will have to put up well over 30pts to have a chance at the W. The D is not helping them so far tonight.
Osaisai.... 2 TD's against him so far and it's not even the end of the first half. :roll:

Ah, our usual destruction at Ivor Wynne. Nice to see we're consistent. :oops:

You know, the offense hasn't been super, but it would help if our useless pile of crap D could actually get a stop, or at least not let Burris & co. drive down the field at frickin will.

Osaisai is not a pro-caliber DB. On both TDs, he's not even looking for the ball. He's just chasing his receiver like a chicken with its head cut off, not in position to make any kind of play. And what was with that embarrassing 'coverage' on the Bakari Grant catch and run? I've never seen that in my life. He was nowhere, standing stock still at the line of scrimmage, not in coverage, not rushing the QB. Absolutely pathetic. You could get better performance from a high school player.

Lastly, the defensive playcalling is just atrocious. What's with this rush-four business? With Jenkins out, we can't actually pressure Burris with just four men. We need to blitz from different directions. But mostly, we need to cut Osaisai as soon as this game is over.

I was expecting a blowout loss. The loss part of it doesn't sting. The blowout part of it does. Short week or not, it is inexcusable to turn in stinkers like this in all three phases of the game.

Reinebold needs to check his head, too, because it's not just execution. This is the second time this year that Cortez has absolutely owned him going head to head. It is not normal for a QB to be completing 90% of his passes with any kind of regularity in a single game, let alone across multiple games.

a matter of seconds and Cats will have another 7pts.... Als D can't stop the run or screen or pretty much anything so far for that matter.

Does Reinebold watch film of the Cats? What exactly has he been doing in the film room and in terms of devising a game plan to stop Burris? Getting destroyed like this a second time is not normal.

It's infuriating to watch Hamilton convert 2nd and long with absolute ease. The players obviously forgot to show up for this one, and it's disturbing. When we lose this season, we get blown out (apart from the loss to Toronto). Championship teams don't routinely fold like a house of cards every five or six games.

I stand corrected, an another 3 pts... making it 31 pts at half time. :oops:

This is ugly.

With a capital U.

And d&P is 100% correct. . . cut Osaisai.

I think that this is his worst performance of the season so far. . . and that's saying something.

WHOOOOOO, only 3 points!!!!!! :oops: :oops:

Probably the worst half of football this defense has played all year. Even worse than the last game at Ivor Wynne, where at least 7 of Hamilton's points were from Williams's punt-return TD.

Jack, seriously, what does Reinebold see in this sorry sack of crap?

How can any sane, right-thinking defensive coordinator keep playing this pitiful excuse for a defensive back week after week? I don't care if Ed Gainey and Lance Milton are rookies -- they cannot possibly be worse than Osaisai has been since day one of the regular season.

I have never seen a DB with no coverage skills, no ball awareness, and no ability to do anything but tackle his receiver after a big catch / TD. Osaisai is the worst CFL DB I've ever seen.

I cannot disagree.


We've also made absolutely no attempt to establish a possession game, and as a result, we're getting killed on time of possession yet again. I don't understand why Trestman and Brady can't see this. We needed to control the clock when the score was still reasonably close. And stop running goddamn play action into those short flat passes. The Cats are keying on it so quickly that Anthony has no choice but to chuck and duck.

Arg, at least lose with some dignity.

aaargh, O turns the ball over on downs.

I think even that's not possible anymore . . .

Calvillo looks awful tonight, no confidence in the pocket and he has no touch on the deep ball. I'd play Adrian for the rest of the game, frankly.

May as well

agreed. But we all know that will not happen.