Als-Ticats III

Might not even be worthy of a thread as this one should be a gimme for hammy.

Ticats offence had a team meeting. Cortez not putting any pressure or making them practice with pads. You know they're just waiting to shred us in front of the home crowd.

I guess our only shot, is that they try too hard and we get some unexpected breaks and somehow pull away with an unexpected W.

I'll be at the Carabins-Concordia game at the same time so I'll follow the PA announcer.

Win or lose i dont really care. I just want to end the game with everybody healthy!! NO INJURIES!!! Yes it's a friday but im gonna eez off the beer lol!! :rockin:

Well, 234, I wouldn't consider the game a "gimmee" for the Ticats necessarily.

What I do want to see, however, is for the Als to come out hungry for a W on the road. I want to see them score early and often, take the crowd out of the game and win. I would even like to see a decisive W, but I will take a W whatever way it comes.

To be sure, we have had trouble winning in Ticat land recently, and I am still baffled that they only sport a 4-8 record with all of that talent acquired in the off-season.

Our road record definitely needs to improve and, while I'm glad to see our Als in first, I still need to see them be able to win on the road to be convinced that they are legitimate contenders. If and when they make it all the way to the 100th GC, I feel pretty confident the crowd will be mostly hostile. Hence, the need for Ws on the road before this season is over. As 4 of the remaining 6 games are on the road, I will be following the Ticat game with particular interest.

I did read, on RDS, that Marc Trestman said that Ventrell Jenkins-DT- will miss the next game and maybe more; Seth Williams-DB/CB will also miss next game; he will be replaced by Billy Parker. Scooter Berry-DT,I- on practice roster could dress; Chima Ihekwoaba -DE,N- could also dress; he was a healthy scratch the past game.

Kenny Ingram will play,along with John Bowman; both were “banged” up last game.

I hope for a win but it will be though; Burris has always had great games against the Als.


Williams is doubtful for the game, but yes, it seems like we'll be without Jenkins and probably Williams. I doubt Chima dresses unless for ratio reasons: he's been invisible this year yet again. Would not be surprised to see him released in the offseason.

I hope for a win but it will be though; Burris has always had great games against the Als.


Agreed. Burris historically carves us up, and we also suck at Ivor Wynne. And it's a short week for us. I hope, but don't expect, a win.

Well, here’s Anthony’s take on winning in Hamilton:

...and Marc Trestman's take:

Team invited fans to a viewing party at the Cage aux Sports on Rene-Levesque street Friday night.

Guess I'll go. I'm suddenly feeling confident about our chances.

This is a big opportunity to off the team that along with the Lions gives us the most problems. Would put the Ticats in a very difficult position, give us the tie breaker and break their backs. Losing does not hurt us in the standings much but it will give them an opportunity to make a run for a home playoff game.

Best case scenario: we win our next three and we clinch first with 3 games remaining to rest everyone.

If they can work a little harder these next 3 games they'll have the reward of taking it easy the last 3 with AD taking some much needed reps.

My heart obviously is with the Als tomorrow, my head a little further away.

But this is the type of game where a good team shows its stripes, going into a hostile environment against a team with its back to the wall. As Trestman said this week the key is getting off to a good start. Fall behind and we will be in trouble.

I am getting more and more confident in our defense and having Parker back will be a plus. Does he replace Williams at corner or switches places with Osaisai?

Also anxious to see what Scooter Berry can do. Maybe one day we will have Bear Woods and Scooter Berry on the field at the same time.

Speaking of which, haven't seen any ticat fans bragging here lately. :slight_smile:


You always go into a game looking for a W; otherwise, there's not much point putting on the uniform. What happend last year, 9 years ago, or last week is the past. When you win, you enjoy it for a day or two, and then get ready for next game. When you lose you have to forget about it right away.

So, despite their rather dismal showings in recent history in Ticat-land, the Als have to go in looking for a W. And yes, getting off to a good start, taking the crowd out of the game, is very much part of the equation. Will the Als win? I am not now nor ever have been a seer or prophet and I don't make predictions. 3 of our 4 Ls have come on the road this year, and the Als have to turn that around heading down the stretch if indeed they are to contend for the GC in 2012. If the Als do make it to the Big Dance, It certainly won't be a cakewalk, regardless of who we may be playing. Bottom line - they have to be able to find a way to win on the road.

So, first things first - let's get a road W in Hamilton tomorrow night.

I'm not getting my hopes up. If we lose a close game, it will be more than I'm expecting. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see us drop a 40-10 game or something.

My hope today is: ball control! The past four games or so, we haven't controlled time of possession, and we've been too feast-or-famine with our drives: either we torch teams for 30-40 yards per pass play and score, or we go two-and-out. Either way, the defense hasn't gotten much of a breather on the sidelines. Tonight, let's get back to playing Alouette football: sustained drives with crisp execution and multiple players catching or running with the football. The best way to keep Burris, Williams, and Cobourne in check is to keep them off the field for long stretches of time.

A related hope is first-down production. We need to get 5 yards or better on first down on a fairly consistent basis to keep Calvillo from facing blitzing pressure in second and long situations. The Cats are going to stack up the box to stop the run early and force us into becoming one-dimensional; let's throw some wrinkles at them. Run some hitch screens to Green, get Anderson involved as a receiver in the flat. Maybe even use McPherson for an option run play as we did last week. The Cats are weak against the run: if we can start chewing up clock by pounding the ball in a variety of ways and attacking their perimeter, we'll open up the running lanes between the tackles for Anderson and give Calvillo more breathing room in the pocket. Receivers will come open too, since Hamilton's linebackers will have to stay shallow in their drops to respect the running game.

Here is an interesting take on some of the Als scouting methods:

[url=] ... -a-dynasty[/url]

I say to myself sometimes (doesn`t eveybody talk to themselves) that when we rag on a player like Osaisai, he might be here based on his character. The DB that outplayed him in training camp might not be a team player.

I know a good psychiatrist.....or six. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear what you're saying.

So, here's to a blowout tonight; Als - 40/Ticats - 10!

Win or lose as long as they play a solid game and they all come home healthy. I will be happy. :thup:

Can they coach special teams? :smiley: