Als Ticats game

Just curious. Is the home opener sold out?

Maybe a few singles laying around but that would be it.

Thanks, the reason I wanted to know is that there is this a**hole in my neck of the woods that keeps telling me the Als are only selling out because they are winning and that the venue is small. He has been assuring me that, with the Als not being particularly dominant in their first three games, there is "absolutely no way" they will get a crowd of 25,000. I do so want to rub it in his face.

I’m not sure they’ve sold out their luxury boxes however. 60 000 for 10 games works out to 6000.00 a game or 500.00 a seat. I think that number is really off base considering there is no other real events there besides the Als games.

The game is not sold out, they still have 3,000 tickets left to sell. Also they've only sold 10 of 18 luxury boxes, so still plenty of inventory left.

Wish I was in Montreal for Tonights Game
I love the city and People of Montreal
Canada best City IMO.

The women in Montreal I don't think you can find a Bad looking one..
Then 2nd Best Stadium to watch a Game next to IWS in Hamilton
Should be fun to watch tonight

I take Danpel's point. With the exception of les Canadiens, other sports in this city seem to have appealed to folks only if the team is winning. Take, for instance, the Expos - Lord knows what happened there. It makes me wonder what will happen to the gate receipts once AC, BC, Anwar Stewart...etc finally hang it up for good.

However, football has been growing exponentially over the last few years, particularly in the Francophone community. I don't seriously believe the Als will ever rival the Habs for attendance records, but the game has definitely grown in popularity. It must be said that the present edition of the Als got off to a good start as they inherited a good team, the Baltimore Stallions.

Let's hope that Jim Popp has some great stars of the future lined up so the Als can keep on winning and drawing them in.

Something has to be done with that O line…

Perrett got absolutely schooled for most of the night by Khari Long (I think it was). Brodeur-Jourdain was not impressive in coverage. And cumulatively, it started to affect Calvillo's decision-making, particularly in second-down situations. I'd say run the ball to take some heat off pass protection, but I always say that and they never do it, so what's the use? :wink:

Anyhow, a win is a win, and if nothing else, I'm happy to see the defense step up its game. Parker got beaten on the Bruce TD, but at the end of the game, and holding an explosive offense like Hamilton to one passing TD late in the 4th quarter is pretty damn good.

Also really nice to see Duval break out of his slump and be money at 7/8, with the only miss being a long 50-yarder that anyone could have missed.

Congarts to you all ..

Our D came to play the Rest of Team stayed in Hamilton

Definitely a bad night for both Perrett and Brodeur-Jourdain. But as one who really likes good defensive football, this game was a little gem. Both teams' defences were superb, the lines, the LBs, the secondaries. Hamilton's just got worn down a bit much I think. But great efforts by both, that was a treat to watch. Major kudos to Tim Burke and Greg Marshall.

I don't think you can ask more from your D than what they gave tonight. Three sacks, held us to 0 TDs until the fourth quarter despite constantly being behind the 8-ball (Glenn fumble, Palardy blocked punt). Our offense was just good enough late when it counted to put the game away, and our kicker didn't miss any gimmes. A close game and a squeaky win, definitely not a blowout.

Some great defensive work, for sure, but I am still not sold on Trestman and Milanovich's playcalling in the red zone, and how they made little to no attempt to stretch the field. On the Watkins TD, he wasn't even the primary read. Calvillo checked down and went to him after the underneath route was taken away. Oddly, our first TD in over seven quarters of football came on a 30+ yard long ball where we attacked Hamilton over top instead of dinking and dunking underneath. Calvillo did well to check down to Watkins, but it must be frustrating for him to get plays where the primary receiver is always seven yards behind the first-down sticks and has to make two guys miss just to have a chance.

Emry was awful tonight. I know he had the pick late, but he was useless picking up the screens in the middle of the field, he got caught in the wash many times, took shallow drops and let himself get picked on draws and screens, and couldn't track Cobb (his coverage assignment) when Cobb check-released out of the backfield. Any time the middle of the field is that wide open, your MLB is effing up.

Some great defensive work, for sure, but I am still not sold on Trestman and Milanovich's playcalling in the red zone, and how they made little to no attempt to stretch the field. On the Watkins TD, he wasn't even the primary read.
Until the 4th quarter the OL would not allow enough time for long plays to develop anyway. Good game for Duval, hope he's going to get some confidence back from this.

Line protection was a problem, yes, but the playcalling was also poor. Even at times when Calvillo had an extra second, he never went deep until the Watkins TD.

Highlights for me

1- John Bowman, we needed some pressure and he delivered 3 sacks , 3 forced fumbles. Gonna be hard to top that this week to earn D player of the week.

2- Etienne Boulay, thunderous hits, Ticats receivers wanted nothing to do up the middle.

3- Damon Duval, Put a solid game together in all phases, great punting tonight, amazing punting actually.

4- Again Avon's late game running to help control the clock and break the back of the Ticats D.

5- Physical play of our receivers, lots of courage in that group.

Amazing performance for a team that's been living in suitcases for a month.

Great Special teams efforts on cover teams, Macdonald and Brouillette in particular.

Incredible effort all around. Now the team can get in a more normal schedule and catch their breath.

Alouette Football, Clean, Violent and Disciplined !

I know some don't like him but I would like to mention Cox, that guy has a spark... :thup: Our D is playing very well so far but they are still having a hard time with 2nd and longs.

I haven't disliked him in a looooong time. :slight_smile: In fact, since about the second half of last season. He's been a revelation at SAM linebacker and I take my hat off to Pop for suggesting the move, Burke for making it happen, and Chip himself for turning into one of the best linebackers in the league bar none.

Hfx, I agree about Boulay and the secondary in general. Boy, they were head-hunting tonight and it was great. Boulay laid some terrific hits on receivers, sometimes forcing incompletions, but even when the receiver made the catch, he was very slow to get up and likely got a bit gun-shy about catching passes over the middle. THAT is how you protect your turf, boys, make receivers pay for every catch they make.

Bowman's performance tonight will make it hard for him not to be top defensive player of the week when the rest of the games are over.

Agreed. AC was running for his life all night and was nearly knocked out of the game (I'm surprised that a flag was not thrown for a low hit on that play though). Hopefully, much of this will be corrected once they start practicing more than once per week. :wink:

Thanks. Your D had a great game. Some BIG turnovers by Glenn and the special teams early in the 4th quarter and yet, they were able to hold the Als to FGs. I think by the end of the game, they had been on the field just too long.

Yes. Definitely nice to see him go 7 of 8. Some of those were from a considerable distance as well.

Absolutely! The Ti-Cat return game is solid this season but the Als shut them down last night.

I noticed this too. It seemed all night long that Glenn could get very little on first down but had too much of an easy time converting on 2nd and 10 or even 2nd and 15. It's almost as if the Als went into a prevent defense expecting a big play. Excellent point! :thup:

Cette partie est encourageante pour les Alouettes.

La défensive a encore eu un gros match et a gardé l'équipe dans la partie jusqu'au 4ième quart. Bowman est redevenu Bowman, Stewart a bien joué aussi, et on a senti les efforts des autres joueuers sur la ligne. Cobb n'a pas pu courir, sauf 3 ou 4 courses et que dire des deux essais ratés des Tiger Cats à la ligne des buts! Étienne Boulay a été solide, sauf sur une passe où il a manqué un plaqué. Mais qu'est-ce qu'il a donné contre McDaniel! Il a frappé fort, le petit Étienne! Et Chip Cox qui a réussi un plaqué crucial derrière la ligne de mêlée est aussi en train de se retrouver.

Du côté de l'attaque, ça n'a pas été très beau, mais il y a eu des améliorations en fin de match. Là, les Alouettes jouaient comme les Alouettes. Le fait qu'il y ait eu 8 tentatives de placement avant 2 touchés montre exactement ça. La ligne a toujours de la difficulté à protéger Calvillo, et ça pourrait leur coûter leur quart un jour. Par contre, les Alouettes se sont mis à mêler les Tiger Cats en faisant courir Cobourne quelque fois, en faisant deux passes voilées à Cobourne et Bratton et les touché de Carter montre exactement ce que les Alouettes doivent faire plus souvent : se servir du gars qu'on oublie tout le temps. Personne n'a couvert Carter parce que personne ne se rappelait que Carter attrapait des passes.

Et chapeau à Damon Duval, à qui je dois m'excuser de mes propos virulents. Remarquez que si ça a contribué à son réveil, dois-je vraiment m'exxcuser? Mais ses bottés étaient convaincants, y compris ceux de 45 et 47 verges.

Le vrai test est dans 2 semaines.