Als, Ticats battle for position in the East Division

HAMILTON — To say things are tight in the East Division standings would be a massive understatement.

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I am looking for a big improvement in the defensive back play for the Cats increasing the odds of victory. Coach Orlondo himself was a talented defensive back as a youth and this is the squad of guys that can best demonstrate the coach’s skill of picking talent and effecting a powerful strategy to limit other teams’ success. Look for the defensive backs at mid-season to steadily improve and stand as a powerful and frightfully effective unit in the CFl.


They played well against an Ottawa team that had receivers open all night against the Bombers and Stamps their 2 previous games. Let’s see if they can continue their streak. But the offensive line has been terrible in opening holes for Butler. He has been effective in screen plays where he has some space to get his legs cranking. Watch the game reels Coach O!

Is it just me, or is there an increasing number of times that players lose their helmets in the middle of a play this year? I’ve counted at least three times during tonight’s MTL/HAM game.

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