Als @ Ticats 2023 PBP thread

It is now officially Week One of the Shiltz era, since BLM has been 6-gamed.

With only two Veteran starting O-linemen, I certainly hope that Orlondo/Condell have mixe-in some Run/Pass Option plays in order to take some of the pressure off the line. Otherwise, I can see this being a long night, and not in the good way.

The good news: Woods III is back from injury and Sindani can finally play now that his 2-game suspension for PEDs is over.

The bad - even moe players on the 6-game including Saxelid and Woodmansey, joining Fontana. CVZ has, IMHO, been forced off the 6-game to act as an emergency substitute if more injuries happen.

Some of Condells best play calling games have come when we’re decimated with injuries. I expect the cats to win a close, ugly game. Like 17-12 ugly

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You trust Washington’s defence to hold MTL to 12 points?
Did you bet “under” or something? lol

I’m betting over Washington’s defense couldn’t stop a cold


Hopefully Shiltz, Sindani and McAllister can add some punch to the offence tonight.

And regarding the new faces on the O Line: can they really be as bad as the guys they are replacing? Maybe they will actually be an upgrade.

Weather cooperates.

Off to a good start!

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MTL was expecting a hand off on the first play, not a bomb.

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Longest completion for this team this season.
Then Shiltz messes-up a short pass… SMDH

Mobile QB…


If Simoni had made that hit…


Left side of the line fails on that run

All the time in the world and an overthrow.
Points off the board, but he’s a backup for a reason

On a positive note, we have Ferguson and Forde as the broadcast team.


Maybe not for long.

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OK defence. What you got?


good start. Now D lets do your part


good challenge I believe

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same old no TD start. 3 pts better than 0 I suppose

That was quick. But he definitely landed in bounds. Just a question of whether he bobbled it on the landing. Guess so?