Als @ Ticats 06/28/2019

You could be right.

I actually think it will be in favor of the Als


…as a teaching moment.

Two Canadian starters go down on defense... out comes the import right tackle.

GROG was wondering about that. Any insight as to why Schleuger was sent to the practice Squad?

Almost anyone could ... starting to be strange that he hasn't signed ... IF he stills wants to play football (wouldn't be the first young man to walk away) ... maybe waiting for a XFL offer?

By CFL rules, teams have to start at least 7 Canadians.

One of the Als 7 starters, LB Bo Lokombo was injured, and the only adequate replacement is an American, Glenn Love.

So to compensate, the best option for the Als as a replacement Canadian is at the RT position which was Schleuger`s. So he goes to the practice roster.

I have no idea how Schleuger performed in the 1st game, so it might not even be performance related. He just might be a victim of what we call the Canadian/American ratio.

Obviously we down here in steamy humid buggy Iowa would like to see him on the regular squad.
However I also conceptually understand the need for the ratio, if that was a factor.

Oh boy! The Ticats will most likely blow us out. This game could get real ugly… :frowning:

My guess is Chris Ackie wants at least 200k. For what the Als paid Taylor Loffler, that amount would likely have been enough for Ackie. An extra benefit would have been that he can play multiple positions. Evidently though, the Als (and everybody else) believes he is not an elite Canadian that is worth top dollar.

If injuries to Bo Lokombo and Taylor Loffler are more serious, then I would think the Als would at least try to negotiate a deal with Ackie.

With the Als Canadian talent thin to begin with, I am expecting at one point during the season for Brandon Bridge to start a game to count towards the ratio.

Also, I looked to see if Chris Ackie was on the list of players XFL invited to one of their tryouts. He was not. However, Marcellus Pippins’ namedid appear and was supposed to be at Seattle showcase this weekend. Perhaps, Pippins asked the Als for his release so he could tryout.

With the new collective agreement between League and Players, Canadian starters-min.of 7- can be replaced by an American player,provided this player has been with the team for a min. of 3 years or in the CFL for a min. of 4 years. This measure is EFFECTIVE ONLY STARTING IN 2020.

Unless the Alouettes have a second Can. QB on the roster,Brandon Bridge could not be considered as part of the min, of 7 Can. starters in 2019.


I misunderstood the new ratio rule then. Thanks for the clarification.

Added toPractice Roster:
IDOWU, Lekan

In theory you could start Bridge at QB as one of the 7 Nationals. If he was injured during the game and had to be replaced by an International QB, the Als could for example replace an International receiver with a National one. This would maintain the ratio.

Based on CFL transactions, Lekan Idowu was added to active roster. Add to free agent first and then to active roster.

You cannot,Sheldon, during the game decide to replace a Can. starter by an Int. player and then to replace the Int. player by a Can. player. The 7 Can. starters are identified and their replacements,in case of injuries or other reasons have to be Can.

If a team has more than 7 Can. starters they could identified only 7 and then the other above the 7 can be replaced by an Int… player. For instance I know that BC starts 9 or 10 Nat. players but they probably identified only 7 as starters, so the 2 or 3 above the designated 7 can be replaced by an Int. player.


Thanks for clarifying Richard.

Als are going to get lite up big Friday. They will lose by at least 30 points, maybe 40.


We could probably use him as a receiver also. :slight_smile:

And good to see the team filling its staff.

So they will still do better than the Argos.

Not because they are a better team but Hamilton playing a second game in six days will rotate in more guys, Evans will likely come in earlier as well.