Als @ Ticats 06/28/2019

Well, unless he appeals, the Ticats will be without Simoni Lawrence for this game. We still won’t win, but maybe our QBs will be safer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought EDM in week 1 was one of the few games the Als had a shot to steal… with a lot things going their way they managed to be tied late but lost.
This week I’m expecting a truly no-contest loss.

Only question will be to find out how much of a QB controversy we’ll be in, in only Game 2.

I expect Pipken to start (if healthy) but to be a on shorter leash.


Let him play… Look at Campbell, let his QB throws 4 interceptions… left him in there and won the game.

Unless you decide that you want to change the starter going forward for the foreseeable future. You let the guy struggle.

So nothing against Vernon but unless you want to turn the team over to him, it is pointless. Another outing or two like last week and then you have to look at it.

We all know if the Als field a team next year. Reed, Jones and Slowick won’t be there anyway. So they are all “interviewing” for their next job. So you can pretty much throw the book out with this desperate bunch.

I expect nothing but the same as last week.

Pipkin will go into the game with the rusted knife his OC gave him. Jones will have him stand in the pocket waiting for vertical plays to develop, won’t commit to the run, and won’t change the launchpoint. The offense will be ineffective and/or Pipkin will get hurt. Adams will come in, run some read-option stuff, but the game will already be out of reach.

Afterward, everyone will talk about “how hard the team competed,” because apparently that’s what we’re reduced to now, handing out gold stickers to every kid in the class just for showing up.

I’d say the normal play is to come back to the starting QB you just named a week ago, but with a short leash as said. But given most of the football operations know they’re dead men walking, would expect them to favor putting in whoever they can win with (or lose less badly with) sooner rather than later.

Point might be moot as well, don’t know Pipkin’s status… although he has 2 weeks to get back, and should be motivated to not give Adams the opportunity to take his job if he can help it.

To make the season more interesting, my trick is to bet on the games… last week Als covered the spread, I’ll be keeping an eye on their record vs. the spread is this season. I’ll take my entertainment value where I can get it.

There was one really good game. The Winnipeg vs BC game was great,

The Ottawa and Montreal games had exciting moment in a error filled games which is typical of this time of year.

The Hamilton game was all about the Riders Season again being trashed before it even started…

The only team that looked really good coming out of the gate IMO was Winnipeg. BC and Hamilton have potential. Calgary is no longer the class of the league. Ottawa, Saskatchewan and Montreal will have more lows than highs.

Quand j’ai vu les Alouettes revenir, mettre ça 25-21, réussir le point d’après-touché pour 25-22 puis, (Boris) Bede a réussi un botté de 52 verges pour égaler la marque… J’étais emballé. Ça faisait longtemps qu’on n’avait pas vu une équipe des Alouettes revenir de l’arrière sur la route, faire preuve de résilience… Moi, j’ai trouvé ça impressionnant ».

Pour les amateurs, s’est rassurant. Mais c’est quand même la meilleure équipe qui a gagné et ça, on l’a vu tout au long du match. Les Alouettes vont vraiment devoir trouver du renfort à certaines positions. La première, à celle de quart: Vernon Adams doit être le partant dans deux semaines.

Bruno Heppell

Bruno “C’est clair” Heppell is an emotional guy.


Don’t forget the orange slices too.

Anyone know when the Als resume practice? The bye week is over tomorrow.

Should be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday unless the new CBA allows variances on practice schedules.

Thanks Okie!

Might be old news…Als have hired Robert Gordon as receivers coach.

IMO a good hire but not one that will make any real difference.

From CFL Transactions:

To Injured List
PIPKIN, Antonio

To Active Roster
LOVE, Glenn
BRIDGE, Brandon

NORRIS, Elijah
PIPPINS, Marcellus
LYLES, Chris

To Practice Roster
JONES, Jarnor

With International Love replacing National Lokombo, it looks like the Als will be going with 4 National o-linemen.

With Loffler down surprised they haven`t brought back Dondre Wright.

And they sure could use Chris Ackie at this point.

An off topic P.S.: Can someone remind again why the Argos fired Marc Trestman?

IMHO,Ty Cranston is now a better replacement than Wright as a safety.

With the Cats handing it to the Argos today, hoping it is not as bad for the Als next week.