Als @ Ti-Cats

No one watching the game tonight? :smiley:

I think Hamilton needs to make some changes. There's no excuse for them to still be suffering from slow starts. We're in Week 12 for crying out loud. Either the head coach or the offensive coordinator isn't preparing this team properly. I don't know how this team expects to do anything in the playoffs if they can't fix this issue. Defences are stingier in the playoffs. If the Cats fall into a hole in the first quarter, they won't be able to dig themselves out of it.

i love the tie cats... but honestly...

im trying to wathc, but dood, its painful.


seriously, Rod black is killing me here

are you kidding me, how did he drop that kick? that was aweful

not so sure about that roughing the passer call... seemed a little close.

28-1. I think we can put this one to bed. :lol:

yeah this is kind of a wash. Hamilton is good, but not montreal good. But no one is right now. That was a stoopid shake that he did after the touchdown... full recharch mode black says

I agree. This team has really come around, and I'm glad to finally see them get out of the basement, but the East still belongs to Montreal.

i almost respect Rod black trying to make the game sound like its interesting.... like hamilton can come back.

Cobourne's having a huge night. How much you wanna bet Rod Black gives the Gladiator to an O-Lineman?

i think dwayne should do the galdiator. Im not sure if Rod Black is even watching the game. but i dont blame him. im not really either.

Another 6 for AC. Miss starting this guy in fantasy.

would A C be close to that good if he played for winninpeg?

This isn't a football game, it's a massacre.

This was fugly... :?

soooooooo. best regular season team ever?

They're the Atlanta Braves of the CFL.

After 12 games? C'mon...

im not aloud to stir it up a little?

So I missed the end of the game (changed the channel). Who'd Rod Black give the Gladiator to? Was it the Waterboy this time?