Als @ Ti-Cats

Anyone else think the Cats got short-changed? I think they got more yards than the refs gave them...

on printers 2nd down run, yes...on lumsdens 3rd down carry, he got stuffed

yeah lumsden got stuffed

The live scoreboard isn't showing the Alouettes FG any more.

stands are empty in hamilton

I thought about going to Rogers Centre and Ivor Wynne tonight but didn't want to miss either game.

Yeah, I definitely don't think they got it on 3rd down. But it looked like they got a lot more yards on 2nd down.

Oh well. Nice play action by AC. I fell for it. I was following the RB, and suddenly the ball went sailing off to the left. :lol:

can a mod merge the other thread into this one so we have a good searchable format for game threads this season ill delete my text in this post once it's done.

I meant merge it so the subject name is intact :wink: are you still able to do that?

Um, Jarrett who? Cobourne is tearing it up!

ticats defence is hangin in there, despite being on the field the whole game so far.

Ti-Cat fans are getting restless. Anyone else hear that woman screaming? "You refs need new glasses!" :lol:

i thought the ball was under the ticat player when the whistle went.

It's too tough to call, I think... The one replay they keep showing, the ref runs right in the way and all you can see is his fat ass waddling towards the play. :lol:

Hey ro, can you explain that call? What did he mean, a fumble in the field isn't reviewable? What the hell did they do for the last 3 minutes? :expressionless:

so far, printers has 2 perfect passes that were dropped or fumbled by his rookie recievers...i guess they needed armstead after all :roll:

Was just gonna ask if anyone canr figure that out!
After reviewing the play....The play is not reviewable!

And nice work by TSN they miss a play because of a commercial....and then yap away while a penalty is being called....

That's what I didn't get. They explained why Taaffe was challenging, said they'd review it, and then came back like 3 minutes later to tell us it's not actually reviewable. Good job guys! Someone dropped the ball on that one. :?

how was that taunting…noone was around him, it wasnt directed at a player…thats chincy