Als This Week on demand

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42:12-ish one of the guys picks Bridge as the 3rd string QB "because he is Canadian and you have to have a certain number of Canadians on the roster"

EXPERT commentary


That's what happens when you put all your money and resources following NHL hockey and the leftovers to follow the Impact.

,,,,The game tonight in the Peg, is going to have the NHL draft on the jumbotron...Seeing as the Jets are picking second and selling cheap beer for the first half-hour at IGF, I see that as a nice fit and promo...BUT I hope the tsn broadcast sticks strictly to the Als./Bombers game after the hoopla of the pic is over, and they concentrate on the CFL and don't go meandering..

I'm going to watch the game on RDS. These guys are focus on the game instead of everything but.

subban gets traded, like no CFL broadcasts will announce it live!! yeah really!!