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Week 4

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Week 5

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Well, they've won two and lost two. Rakeem has indeed made they plays, no doubt about that.

I, like many on this forum, am impressed by Cato's progress. There are 14 games left and I would like to see him progress to a point where both he, and his receivers, react properly on broken plays. While I was impressed with the great receptions so far, we may have just been a little lucky. The one thing that always impressed me with Cahoon was his ability to find open space and make a target for AC; this kept drives going. I think we will need more of that going forward and as DCs devise defensive schemes to defeat Cato and the Als.

Cato's history is that he will find the "holes" in a defense. He's shown that this far with very limited experience. Sky is the limit for that kid.

I'm a little surprised by how little excitement there is by the HC and the GM about his play. I'm not sure if that's because they want to keep him grounded keeping the focus on "the team" or because they know that he's here for a good time and not a long time or that they know the more they hype him the more expensive it might get... Whatever the reason. I find it a little strange.

I was pleased to note in the past game that Cato has the knowledge to throw the ball away instead of throwing into too much coverage. I believe he will get even better as the season progresses. I also would hope that he gets comfortable with the hook slide- especially if he perceives a hole up the middle. AS we all know, he's a great scrambler and throws well on the run.He reminds me of Flutie when he entered the league.

While we are all impressed with Cato thus far, I think the lack of ballyhoo is appropriate at this stage.

He has talent, no doubt about that! But as I said in my last post, there are still 14 games left on the sched; a lot can happen between now and the final game. While he has done some great things, he has also made rookie mistakes, not surprisinigly. He certainly has football smarts, which you can't teach - either you have that or you don't.

Notwithstanding, he still has to be coached up and Schonert will have to devise an O-scheme that best fits his skills and those of the O-team. I think that the Als are better with him at the helm for the foreseeable future and hope he continues to progress. I remain cautiously optimistic.

If Schonert can't send in the plays quicker, he will not and should not last long as an OC in this league. This is your offense, Turk. You built the playbook in the offseason and you've got a stud of a young QB who can make all the throws and is actually capable of reading a defense. If you can't get the bloody play sent in on time, that's on you and no one else.

Popp expects and will demand 30 points a game at some point this fall. That's really what he will be measured on. Can he get his offense to that level ?

We're pretty healthy right now on offense (knock on wood) and we FINALLY have a QB under center who can execute like a pro. We have tons of quality veteran receiving experience, good RB options in Sutton, Rutley, and Logan, and an all-Canadian O-line that consistently protects its QB year after year. There is absolutely no player-related reason why we can't be averaging 28 points a game by the time the fall rolls around. If September comes and goes and we're still stuck in the mud offensively, I would say goodbye to Schonert at the end of the year (he's only on a one-year contract, I believe).

I think the next five weeks are the toughest stretch of the Als schedule this season. If they can come out of it 3-2 and healthy that would put them in nice shape for the second half of the season.

I'm almost inclined to distinguish between wins and offensive progress. As in, we don't necessarily have to be winning games in order for the offense to evolve the way it should. I'd love to come out of the next five games at 3-2 as well but what I really want to see is evidence that Schonert is improving as an OC and (as a consequence) that Cato & the offense are firing on all cylinders. There will be picks and fumbles, there might be mistakes that cost us games. But I'm all for taking a step back now if it means taking two steps forward later and ten steps forward for the team in the years ahead...


Week six:

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Got a 404 on that link...

Week 6:

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God, that was tough to listen to. Campbell and Gallo will seemingly talk about anything and everything but football. :thdn:

Softball questions for Jim about the 20th anniversary of the Stallions, then (of course) a question about Michael Sam, and that's about it.

Well at least we have a show. These two comedians aren’t much but better than the years of having nothing. Again RDS eats them alive with their “Blitz” show.

They don't know the game of football, they're too busy joking around to be serious reporters, and they have terrible radio presence. RDS is way better, agreed.

Andrew Bucholtz interview with Anthony Boone.

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Usual stuff like wanting to dominated the league :roll: . Kind of doubt that will happen as Boone was not considered a good NFL draft prospect because of his size & inaccurate passing. Boone did graduate from Duke, so at least he has options should this CFL opportunity not work out.

I don't read the same thing into it as you do. Andrew isn't Herb... From articles I"ve read going back to his last game at Duke, Boone figured he had played his last football game at Duke. He didn't expect an NFL team to draft him or a CFL team to invite him to try out up here. Also his degree is in Sports Psychology. What I read into it is that he loves Montreal so far and he'd be happy to have a long successful career in the CFL.