I know it's only three games, but wow they have smoked the competition and two games being out west where it has been a grave yard in seasons gone by for the east.
On all three phases of football, there is no one close.
The last team this dominant was my Argos of 96 and 97, the Doug Flutie years.
Let me also add how the Als would smoke any competiton including the No Fun League in either 3 or 4 down version.

I agree but maybe not, so therefore leave the NFL out of it; differenent league different rules but...But..... But slow down there....They have yet to play the B.C. Lions and that will be down the road. :cowboy:, argotom did you, like, lose a bet or something?...

Hey Red how about the East crossing over this year?

What does he care? His Stamps are in second place. :lol:

West is still too strong for a cross over and that will be proven come the Labour day games. 8)

...OMG, i didn't believe you, had to check the standings.....yay!...

Hey the East is 5-3 in head to head, but then who is counting.

Me! :wink:

I'm not sure that they are the best team in a decade but at the moment they are scary good.
I sure hope the rest of the teams get up to speed quickly otherwise the Montreal games aren't going
to be worth watching if they always end up in blowouts.

Probably the best team in the league atm.

Best team in a decade? No.

2006 Lions were better. We won every player award apart from one. Nobody will ever match that player award record again most likely.

CFL's Most Outstanding Player Award - Geroy Simon (SB), BC Lions
CFL's Most Outstanding Canadian Award - Brent Johnson (DE), BC Lions
CFL's Most Outstanding Defensive Player Award - Brent Johnson (DE), BC Lions
CFL's Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award - Rob Murphy (OG), BC Lions
CFL's Most Outstanding Rookie Award - Aaron Hunt (DT), BC Lions
CFL's Most Outstanding Special Teams Award - Sandro DeAngelis (K), Calgary Stampeders
CFLPA's Most Outstanding Community Service Award - Mark Washington (DB), BC Lions
Rogers Fans' Choice Award - Geroy Simon (SB), BC Lions
CFL's Scotiabank Coach of the Year - Wally Buono, BC Lions

Capped it all off with a Grey Cup win, over some team from the east that I can't remember at the moment. :wink:

They're pretty good so far, but the NFL comment was ridiculous. The Detroit Lions backups could easily beat them with the NFL rules. Using CFL rules, the Als could probably hang with the Lions, but no one else, unless maybe The Als prevented the opposing team from learning the CFL rules beforehand. If they could play with those guys, they would be in that league making the big bucks. The CFL is a fun league but come on.

You're another one of those guys who thinks that EVERY good player plays in the NFL, and that every NFL player is the best the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You've bought the NFL hype hook, line and sinker. You have no way of knowing for certain that the Als would be dominated by the worst team in the NFL, but you say it anyway. :roll:

It's a long, long season. Lets talk about how great they are after, say, game 15. That's three months from now.

I think everyone is getting a little carried away with the hype surrounding Montreal – it is, after all, only the end of week three in the CFL.
Montreal is one of two teams in the league that did not have a lot of turnover between this season and last. That continuity is not only in player personnel but with the coaching staff as well so it would have been a real puzzle had they not come out of the gate fast.
In my opinion, Montreal is as good as they are going to get right now but I don’t think the same can be said for several other teams in the league. If the teams that lost key players in the off season have managed to replace them with at least decent players, than these teams will improve dramatically as the year unfolds and the gap between their level of play and Montreal’s will close rapidly. Additionally, some of Montreal’s key players are getting a little long in the tooth and this will take an additional toll on the Als as their season grinds on. Barring unforeseen injuries, I don’t think there will be much to choose between Montreal, Calgary, BC and Saskatchewan by Labour Day. Hamilton will be dangerous on any given day but I don’t think they are quite there yet with the other four teams I just named.
I guess I failed to address the original topic; no, Montreal is not the best team in the last decade. I think Retrievel's post cleared that up rather succinctly.

It's too early to tell, they've looked good in their wins, but if AC gets hurt at this point in the year they could even miss the playoffs.

We are the "World Champions" stupidity contiues and unfortunately we have a lot of misguided people here in Canada who keep drinking tha coolaid concoction that the Americans and the No Fun Leaguers are great in serving.
Get real people there is a whole other world out there.

Hey guys, the last thing I’m trying to do is bash your league. I love the CFL, I watch every game online and it gets me through the summer, but come on. Most of the Als imports would crawl from Montreal to Detroit across broken glass to play for the Lions, and 80% of the Canadian players would not even be in the CFL if it wasn’t for the import rule. You must at least admit that because otherwise the league would not have or need an import rule. I’m trying to picture your run of the mill Canadian born running back against Ray Lewis. It would be like a travel hockey team from Texas trying to compete in a Canadian travel hockey league against Canadian Travel Hockey Teams. They would get killed. The CFL is a very cool league and 20 to 30 years ago, they could have competed with the “No Fun League” but the talent gap has obviously widened since then. That being said, the CFL is a pretty different game, so I confess that the Als might fare better against the NFL teams using the CFL rules than I initially gave them credit for. The NFL teams might not be prepared for the added emphasis on the kicking game, etc. Bring back the Rough Riders!

The talent gap (excluding the canadian quota) exists because the money gap exists. Players want to go to the NFL because the paycheque feeds the hype. Give the CFL a 100 million dollar TV contract or two in north america as the NFL enjoys and investor money for expansion cities to build stadiums and generate interest, and some players who will ride the bench for years in the NFL as backups for 700k might well go to the CFL if there were more opportunities to be starters for the same contract. Just wanted to make the point that some players would just love to play football anywhere if the money provided enough financial security.

Sadly, you're probably right 80% of the Canadian players probably wouldn't crack a CFL roster, and won't ever crack an NFL roster since our universities and colleges don't fun athletics and full-ride programs in the same way American colleges do. if more universities follow Simon Fraser and apply to play in an NCAA division and then expand their football recruiting and scholarships, we might churn out more prospects that could make it on either side of the border without any special rules (though i don't know what the governments that fund the postsecondary institutions would do if students were getting free-ride deals, we kinda focus on academics here). I don't think the talent level is the foremost reason for the import rule being in existence though, but the older fans on here could speak more to that than I, a relatively new CFL fanatic.

I think the outcome of an NFL-Als matchiup would depend on the field more so than the rules. On the wider, deeper CFL field, Calvillo's quick reads could still make it difficult for NFL pass rushers to get to him or to cover his recievers. On a smaller NFL field, NFL vets would probably react faster and shut down his recievers. The kicking game might not be as advantageous to a CFL team either in all situations (apart from the Rouge being allowed under Canadian rules and the often low-scoring nature of many NFL games making every point count), as i've noticed more bonified returners getting some yards in the last few NFL seasons as opposed to simply taking the fair catch.

Getting back to the title of the thread, Als are a great team if the answer is best team in the regular season then Id say yeah they are arguably the best team in the CFL. Though playing the east in the 00's alot of those teams have been pretty bad compared to the west where tough western teams play a number of good franchises within their divison and fight for the top, Montreal pretty much has a gap and winning the east division with alot more ease.

Stats wise Als best in the league but that doesn't make them the best in the decade when they don't win the big game

one victory in the 00's cmpared to

BC 2
Edmonton 2
Calgary 2

whoever wins the most GC's is the real team of the decade, they win in 2009 Id say yes, if not nope

KristjanCFL :

Thanks for the intelligent post. You make a lot of good points. I agree with just about everything you said. What division of the NCAA is Simon Frasier applying for? This is news to me. Thanks again.