Als Teleconference 1:30 PM

Rumour: Als will announce that their home pre-season game will be played at the renovated Percival Molson Stadium... Looks like the renovations will be complete ahead of time.

Couple questions aimed at Jim trying to corner him about his future... He didn't bite except that this is his home and Montreal is in his heart, he will do what is best for his family.

Chris Schultz : Asked coach about the status of Chris Leak. Answer Chris Leak is viewed very highly by the staff but he has had very, very little touches in practice or games in two years and he should see some more this year.

Questions to Coach about Tebow and Clausen : Says he enjoyed his time with them and hopes they found it helpful, thinks they will do very well. Took the opportunity to state that Anthony Calvillo is one of the greatest quarterback to ever play the game north or south...

Question to Coach about the challenges of camp at Bishop and the tough road schedule to start the year. Coach's outlook is that this is a challenge and they will approach it with enthousiasm and hopeful that it will make the team stronger.

Question to Jim about the differences of running a football team now vs 15 years ago: Pace is much faster, networking is more important than ever, probably double the workload and because of the information overload while less time is spent waiting or pulling information a lot more verification has to be done on the information push down to him...

Jim asked about OJ Santiago: OJ contacted Jim and possibly other teams a couple years ago and was worked out a few weeks ago and he impressed the staff enough with his performance and fitness level to give him an opportunity. Given his experience the risk is low and the reward could be high.

More questions about Jim's contract ....Larry is optimistic but till something is done, there is nothing to talk about. I think he answered in two or three languages...

Question to Jim about all the young linesmen (woodruff,Steenbergen,Jourdain,Bouchard...) How to fit them all. Montreal is doing their best to develop them, key area to protect QB and be successful, suggests this question should go to Marc Trestman as to how players are used.

Question to Larry. Asked about his feelings on being knighted in the Order of Quebec: Larry was surprised that the reporter knew but answered that he is very proud that is worked has been seen as a benefit to Quebec society.

Question to Jim about what players should the fans be on the lookout for : Marcus Davis is a player they are very high on. The rookies from last season will likely contribute more with the added experience and Diamond Ferri. He thinks Diamond might even have a chance to return kicks this year.

Question to Jim and Larry: Is this the Als finest hour? :... Jim cherish every moment with community building and achievement, accomplishments while they continue to think up of areas to get better and work on weaknesses. Marc filled in that this organization understands that they want to win from the owner on down but the goal is to win class and humility.

Overall with the exception of the sound bite cliche questions about Jim's contract, most of the questions and answers were very informative.

Thass it

Two quick questions. . .

  1. Who is Marcus Davis ?

  2. Diamond Ferri returning kicks ?????????

Thank you for the information.

Probably meant Marcus Smith-DT- rather than Davis.


You are correct, sorry about that.

Yes , Jim expanded that Diamond can return kickoffs and could even be used as a Running Back where he lined up for two years in the NFL.

They are also happy to have SJ Green back competing for a spot.

Interesting. I REALLY hope they are working on extending Popp's contract.