Als strength and weakness.

Oh please Madden means nothing

then why does 3nd use it as a way to predict who wins each week? Sport Video Games can be pretty accurate you know.

Your joking right??????????
T is doing it as a joke

The botton line is that you clain the winningest coach in the history of the game made a and I quote "bad bad bad call"

Then you back up your claim with a video game! I have officially heard it all

KKK......have you tried it when the computer is the coach....punting from your own end zone I mean.....what does the computer do......give up the safety or punt....just curious to know.......

The computer punts, now mind you, it's an AMERICAN game made about AMERICAN football, so it's a different code of football

I would have to play a Canadian game and get back to you on it.

and Madden is a very accurate game, if the player keeps the team updated, he could very well predict the outcome of games for years to come cuz Madden is about 75% accurate. (I have NBA 2K5, and it predicted the winnier of the NBA champion this year BEFORE it happened)

You have got to be kidding???

Why dont you go to the back and take out a huge loan and head to vegas and bet on the games if that VIDEO GAME is 75% accurate???

You know, that's not a bad idea, but I don't gamble with my picks, I think it's bad luck to do that.

I wish I had the technology to prove it to you.

Well where is the gamble if its 75% accurate

I have an idea, if I'm still on here, I'll rent Madden 2007, post the results of the playoffs in the Football section, and we will see how accurate Madden is.

and keep in mind, if it's not accurate, why does ESPN and other sports networks use it to stimulate the Super Bowl?

...they use it as a graphic tool....not to predict the game outcome.....third uses it, like ro says, as a joke, no better than the dog or flip of a coin......please, deal with reality...

Kanga... I also have a dog and a coin toss making picks. Please, don't gamble anything important based on my "experts" predictions.

Beside, you can win Madden games using the same two plays for a whole game (against the CPU).

but the reality is that I have had situations where games like Madden predicted the winner of a championship before it happen, like Tampa Bay winning the Super Bowl.

However, they aren’t prefect, my NHL 2004 game predicted Calgary would win in 6 games in 2004.

3nd, these were with CPU on CPU.

And I don’t believe in coincidences.

what part of the super bowl gets

the whole game, I even rec them sometimes (yes, I have no life)

even the NHL 2005 website simulated the 2005 season and predicted that Calgary would beat Montreal in the SC, we will never know if that would have been the case, but still, why use it if it's not somewhat accurate?

it's not like a toss of a coin.

....well, thats too bad because this is exactly what you have here....

Its a toy!!!!!!!!!

Thats it thats all!

Video Games are more that just simple toys, more like a from of entertainment with a multi million industry, like football.

its still a toy and has no more insight than anyone else

Kanga, the fact you don't believe in something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Look at Kamau Peterson for instance. Nobody believes in him. But he does exist nonetheless.

unfortunatly yes.

just saying that I don’t believe something just happens out of the blue.