Als strength and weakness.

Als are greatly improved at defensive backs.Last year,s group were responsible for the Als loss in the Grey Cup.I am not surprised Durden is in trouble with the Esks.The weak point is Thyron Anderson.He has a lot of drops and there is receiving strength on the bench.

I was taken for a lop by the safety they gave up in the 1st, they could punt it and stop the Cats for no score or a single, bad bad bad call by the Don, and they did this twice and almost lost the game becuz of it.

So you obviously dont know anything about the game do you!

The Don is the winning-est coach in the history of the CFL and YOU say he made a bad bad call!!!!!!!

I am sure he cares what you think.

Matthews has always been very generous in conceding the safety with his punter.

I agree with ro...his record speaks for itself.

Still doesn't change the fact that he GAVE UP points to the D, and almost lost the game to the Cats, they only need a TD to win, if there was no Safety, they would need a TD and the two point convert to tie.

Same with Maciocca and the esks(if we ever have to punt inside our 15 or so, we'll just concede a safety). And look at which two teams made it to the grey cup last year...hmm...maybe this isn't such a stupid game plan after all KK.

if weather is a factor, and your O isn't moving the ball, and your D suxs (which the Al's weren't), I'd go for the safety, but it was just too early to be giving up the points and giving the ball back to the Cats.

keep in mind, Cats came close to winning the game, ten or 15 more yards and they would have had the TD.

Winnipeg lost a Grey Cup because of this.

but despite the Al's safeties, I think the worst call of the night was the Cats fake punt.

kanga winnipeg lost that GC because dave ritchie thought along the same lines as yourself and didnt want to give up the safety, instead the punt was blocked and it cost them 7 points.....the safety is a no brainer, give up two points for 100 yards of field position....

I mean the Grey Cup Vs. Toronto 40 years ago.

I will have to take your word on that one…

conceding a single, gives you 35 yards, but you lose 1 point. Concede a safety, and you essentially "gain" 75 yards, but lose 2 points.

So a safety is basically a "double-conceded single", as you double both the field position gain, and the points conceded.

anyone following me? :lol:

and...avoid the possibility of the blocked punt or a shank...

Kinda, but the team that gives up the single gets the ball back at the 35 or 45, team that gives up the safety doesn't get the ball back, but does get out of a sticky situation.

However, I don't think Montreal was in really big trouble, and should have punted, and the Cats would have got 1 or no points instead of 2.

To bad John Ryan is gone. With him there was no need to ever give up a point. No point plus field position what a luxary he was

for the Bombers, yes.

Kanga, when you are deep in your own end zone and punt, the other team only need an average return to already be in field goal range. So giving two points to get out of there is better than giving an almost garanteed 3 (if not a whole 7). Plus, when it's this early in the game, two points aren't so difficult to deal with.

KK you insist on showing us you are clueless when it comes to football.

Had the Als punted the ball away instead of giving up 2 Ham. would have had the ball ball on Mtl's 35-40 yard line. Its an automatic 3 points and a good chance at 7. Last time I checked it was better to give up 3 than 7

You could also block the Kick, or get them other team to get a single, 1 is better than 2.

and I believe that you mean 2 is better than 3 or a possible 7.

Fine when you become a CFL Head coach you can call the plays.

Football is a game of stratagy and field position. You dont give up field position in the hopes they you may block a punt

I have no intention of being a CFL head coach, Volunteer coach of a pee wee league is possible, commissioner, maybe, but head coach, no.

but playing Madden gives you the heads up on the game of Football (BTW, I do the 2 point convert every time, and I’m successful 9 times out of 10, on All Pro), and I would like to apply these stagries to a CFL game.

40 yards is still a long FG, 35 is closer to an FG, but you always have the interception or pass incomplete to think about.