Als stink!

They take a 13-0 lead. They find a way to give it up before halftime. Winnipeg leads 15-13. Turnovers, stupid penalties, etc. Imoh, good game... Calvillo had 3 good series, then started playing like an old man. I miss the Don!

Imoh? Good game? Two fumbles, one that could have cost us dearly, and the other one did. Not a "good game" in my books.......

Sorry MadJack. When I said Imoh was having a good game, I was being really sarcastic. What I really wanted to say, would not have passed the sensors on this sight. Trust me, you do not want to read what came out of my mouth...

Don't pull the plug on Imoh, yet. He madee a bad play out of the backfield, and tried to overcompensate on that punt. Rookie mistakes.
Besides, Bratton was slated to do the returning if Colborne could not. Why was Imoh doing it in the first place?

This weeks game I see us needing an much better performance to even come close to Wpg. Hammered town is pathetic and WPg's D seems to be coming on. With Philion not in their we're in tough! Wpg by 17

Actually, watching the Winnipeg games this season, so far, I haven't really been impressed with them.

The Als played great against them defensively last time they met.

The Als showed they can move the ball against their Defense as well.

Following a win, and seeing it's a home game, I think the Als will be primed and will come to play, and will beat the Bombers this Thursday.

All the Als showed is that they like to be sacked more than half a dozen times in a game. oh, and defeated.

Funny how Winnipege has the same amount of wins so far... :oops:

funny how winnipeg was 1 point away of having the same record as montreal: