Als still active on FA market ! ?

Rider fans are saying the Als have made an offer to Kitwana Jones... interesting...

Thanks for posting this HfxTC.

I really don`t know enough about him to see where he would fit. He seems to be a "tweener" DE/LB.

But he is a special teams demon with 17 tackles last year.

And you have to admire Riders fans passion with a 4 page thread on this topic!

I think John Banks would be in a tough spot.

L'équipe a-t-elle de la place pour Jones présentement sur l'alignement? Tous les postes ont été comblés. Il faudrait retrancher quelqu'un pour faire une place à Jones, non?

LeStaf if the Als go with a Canadian P/K, then there would be room for a designated import who could be a special teams player like Jones.

Also last season the Als used Seagraves an American as a backup O-lineman. Hopefully this year Matte or Steenbergen can fill that role. In this case, however, I believe they would use the American at RB, WR, or possibly DB.

There is always room; as HfxTC wrote,Jon Banks is in danger; another one,according to me, is Diamond Ferri who has had health issues,particularly last year. Jones can be a DE and also a LB.

Again,there is room for a good defensive player and an excellent special teams player.


Interesting. I liked what I saw from Banks last season in limited time, but Tibesar might disagree. :wink: And given that Tibesar also coaches the linebackers, I have implicit faith in his ability to make good personnel decisions in that area of the defense.

I find Diamond Ferri to be a very hit-and-miss type of player. Sometimes, he can be dominant. At others, he's invisible or a liability. And like Richard said, he has recurring health issues (the stomach problem) that had him in and out of the lineup last season. With the emergence of Guzman, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ferri get his walking papers before the season starts.

Floyd or Cobb any takers?

Floyd's career most likely over; he will be 35 in June. We don't need him. Best years are "long gone"

Rick Moffat says that "sources tell CJAD that the Als may have interest in Cobb". We should invite him to training camp.


Im not saying Im against bringing Cobb to training camp, but can someone tell me how you evaluate Whitaker, Bernard, Green, Marc, Ford, and possibly Cobb with only 2 pre-season games. And you know the RB in Trestman`s offense only gets 6- 8 carries a game.

When I first started following the team there were 4 pre-season games plus an intra -squad game. With only 2 I don`t know how the coaches can fully evaluate all these RBs.

The NFL wants to go that route but they at least have their 3 mini-camps.

Don`t want to open an old wound, but if he had 4 pre-season games to impress, I doubt if we would have let Chad Owens slip away.

While I would not be surprised if Cobb is invited to training camp, I also am aware that it would be difficult to evaluate the RBs; presently,we have 5 import RB on the roster; if we add Green and Cobb we would have 7. Too many,unless the off-season roster is expanded from 75 to 81 players. Ford could definitely be cut/released before training/rookie camp; he was in and out of the practice roster,last season,even suspended. I don't expect too much from Green. He could be cut before "main" training camp/at the rookie camp.

I don't expect more than 5 import RB at the main training camp.


The Alouettes and Jim Popp let Owens go his way because he was asking for too much money.
2 pre-season games or twenty...that deal was done.
Let's face it...Cobourne impressed for years and they still let him "slip away".
I don't know about you guys....but the idea of trading "up" for Cobb is leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

I really don’t think there will be any trade for Cobb, especially trading up for him. There are some impressive PKs and receivers that might ve worth trading up for. How about looking for Sinopli in a late c hoice?

wasn’t cobb released?
why the talk about having to trade for him?


Mais est-ce que Cobb est le joueur dont nous avons besoin? Il n'est pas constant. Parfois, il est génial, parfois il semble ailleurs. Il faudrait qu'il corrige cette lacune pour s'avérer un candidat intéressant.

"trading up" was used here as an expression...
an ironic one....since "up" is hardly what I'd call it
...a "de-facto" trade-Cobourne for Cobb
Should Cobb end up as Cobourne's "replacement"

Sorry for the confusion
And it still sticks in my craw.

Keep in mind that if Avon wanted to be in Montreal, he would still be here. I am disapointed too but unnderstand that to keep a team like this together, everyone has to make their part. We'll see how Avon does with the Ticats Oline vs what he had in Montreal. Should be verr interesting.

If they give Cobb a try, that's fine too. He's been nothing but first class individual since he arrived in the league and he has two years experience in Hamilton's lousy offense.

Le problème de Cobb est son inconstance. Tantôt il est génial, tantôt il est un fantôme. Mais Glenn a tout de même lancé plus de 5 000 verges de gains en 2010. Cela montre que non seulement il est un très bon passeur, mais également que Cobb a contribué à sa protection avec une certaine efficacité.

Je demeure toutefois sur la mêm impression que Richard : avec Cobb dans le portrait, ça ferait beaucoup de monde à évaluer au prochain camp pour la même position.