Als' Stanback out for Saturday game w/ food poisoning

OTTAWA — The Montreal Alouettes will be without the services of star running back William Stanback for Saturday’s game against the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

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Food poisoning ? Someone didn't prepare the Thanksgiving Turkey correctly ! That chef needs to be avoided ! Hope Stanback recovers well.

He probably pulled a Kenton Keith and ate a past its due date pizza pop out of the freezer . :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

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Food poisoning is nasty. I had a bout or two as a teenager eating stale next-day pizza covered in meat. I usually got away with it...

Those were the days.

Stanback will likely recover well and be several Kilos lighter (mainly from dehydration). If he returns quickly he'll be able to cut on a dime but he'll exhaust almost immediately. If it wasn't for the pandemic I'd tell him to go to the emergency. Prior to our current state of affairs they'd likey have time to give him an IV drip and something to calm his stomach. As it is he might have to tough it out. Maybe the Alouettes have some clout in this area. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: