Als - Stamps

No thread?

Is this the rise of the east? Als leading.

Okay... I'll put the computer away and just watch. Crickets are chirping here.

Just got to my keyboard.

Pleasant surprise thus far from the Als.

If the offence can keep moving the ball, even a bout, it will be interesting to see how the defence does when not on the field for 2/3 of the game.

If I weren't superstitious enough to not want to jinx Rodgers I would suggest that Sutton give up his #20 as an homage to the Ordinary Superstar.

So far Tate's numbers and play seem to be about the same as Sunseri in Hamilton.

Yeah, he doesn't look very good at all; lots of rust I guess.

How did Higgins not challenge the Catch-fumble -recovery play? It was a key play that even if upheld would have paused the start of momentum by the better team. And why wouldn't someone on the defence know to "take a knee" to allow the coached a bit more time to review?

Pretty easy score for Tate.

And another one for Tate...Calgary right back in it. 15-15

Great to see the East coming on. Crompton/Marsh combo looks good.

Good to see Calgary in a close game. Hope Montreal hangs on and doesn't let the Stamps run away with another one in the 4th.

C'mon Als...tighten up the West.

Great work by the Als - impressive; 31-15 Montreal late in the fourth.

Is Ochonono hurt again?