Although some of the stench remains from last week's rancid offensive performance, I thought it would be a salutary exercise to speak of this week's match-up. Here are a few things to watch as far as I am concerned.

Offensive game plan

There is going to be considerable pressure to come up with a coherent offensive game plan. I look forward to our first three offensive series as we will have worked on designed plays all week long. To start with a few two and outs would be disconcerting. A lemon peel floating in the St-Laurent would have noticed that shallow crossing routes in the middle were successful last week against the Stamps. They couldn't stop Weston Dressler. Have Noel Devine line up in the slot and run some crossing routes and see if they can adapt. Once they do adapt, use him as a decoy. Target Jonathan Hefney as the Riders did as he tends to be overaggressive in pursuit at times. Get Patrick Lavoie involved in protection or as an outlet receiver. Show the Stamps an unbalanced line with Ryan Bomben beside Josh Bourke. Run to that side or set up a screen for Brandon Whitaker. Design a bubble screen for Jamel Richardson or SJ Green instead of Eric Deslauriers (that play design was especially painful for me given the quality of other receivers we have).

Anthony and the gang

How will they respond? Although the coaching staff has been blamed, the players also need to be better. The interior of the line has been especially porous. AC needs a cleaner pocket. Although timing is part of the game plan, he needs to get rid of the ball quicker. Make that a priority. I would like to see some three and five step drops. Far too many seven step drops to date. That leads to happy feet from AC and considerably more pressure on our o-line. He is not mobile enough to escape from that deep in the backfield. I think that with the talent we have at receiver, if AC and the o-line improve their play, they will follow.

Defensive game plan

The Stamps scored 44 points against the Lions. The key to their offense is Jon Cornish. If he is able to run wild, we are in for a long day. While he ran for 192 yards against the Lions, the Riders were able to limit the damage last week and held him under 50 yards. Our run defense has been good to date. It will have to be again for us to stop the Stamps.

Although a bit reckless at times, I have always found Drew Tate to be very accurate. If we give him time to throw, he will cut us in pieces as the Stamps will pose a real test for our revamped defensive secondary. Between Maurice Price, Greg Carr, Joe West, Nik Lewis, and Marquay McDaniel, the Stamps have plenty of weapons.

Whyte lies

Our special teams have been impressive to date but there is still room for improvement. Sean Whyte missed a FG last game which will happen. In a low scoring affair, it could have made a difference. His punting has been serviceable but still severely lacking in hang time. We will face Larry Taylor who is a little demon with the ball in his hands. I am looking forward to who will trot out there for us on kick and punt returns. I hope to see Tyron Carrier again as I do not see David Clowney as a viable alternative to Noel Devine based on Clowney's time in the NFL.

What are you looking forward to against the Stamps?

GO ALS GO! :rockin:

If the pass play calls for a seven-step drop, there's nothing Anthony can do about it. That's on the coach.

Otherwise, I agree with your post. Well-written and well-argued. :thup:

Agreed perhaps file it under ''game plan'' as well. My point is, it should be a point of emphasis in offensive meetings. He does not combine the arm and the legs of a Randall Cunningham or Damon Allen especially at this point in his career. It needs to be 3 or 5 step drops which also favors our receivers because for all their qualities, neither JR, BL or SJG are particularly fast (sub 4.5 a la Chris Williams/Chad Owens).

I agree, but we've seen no ability to use the short passing game thus far. Nobody is in sync and the short passing game flat-out depends on effective use of formation (trips bunch, stacks, H-back split, jumbo, etc.) combined with good pre-snap motion to get receivers free in time to complete those passes from three or five-step drops.

It really feels to me like Miller looked at film and concluded that the CFL is all about chucking the ball downfield with all receivers running posts and corners because defenses are a yard off the field and you know, all those guys are running pre-snap. :roll: I don't think he understands the subtleties of the passing game up here, or what allows offenses to have success.

La Didine is reporting that both Messam and Jennings are practicing, does not say on what unit but they are practicing.

Je m'attends à 2 massacres consécutifs contre les Stampeders. Miller en est encore à essayer de comprendre le football canadien en l'abordant d'un point de vue du jeu de la NFL. Autant demander à Calvillo de reprendre le livre de jeux de Trestman et décider des jeux lui-même. Le résultat ne sera pas pire de toute façon. Pendant ce temps, Miller va peut-être apprendre quelque chose.

Je suis disposé à demeurer patient avec ces gars-là, mais il va falloir qu'ils montrent qu'ils comprennent quelque chose à notre football. Si Miller produit encore de la sous-merde dans les deux prochaines semaines, j'espère que Berry pourra prendre les commandes, sinon, la saison pourraît être à oublier dès la Fête du travail.

Qu'on me comprenne bien, je vais toujours supporter l'équipe. Mais ce que je vois n'a rien pour me rendre optimiste dans la mesure où je ne sens pas que Miller et ses comparses comprennent ce qu'est une attaque de la LCF.

J'aime la défensive de Thorpe et les progrès évidents de nos unités spéciales. Malheureusement, ce sont les attaques qui doivent compter des points.

Je suis un peu plus optimiste. AC a déjà démontré de grands signes d'impatience sur le terrain et dans le vestiaire. Les médias n'ont pas été tendre avec les entraîneurs suite au match (voir l'anecdote de Pierre Vercheval à la fin de sa dernière chronique). Popp se doit de gagner s'il veut continuer à aspirer à un poste dans la NFL. Et que dire des fidèles partisans qui sont à la veille de revêtir Miller avec du goudron et des plumes? Bref, j'ai l'impression que la soupe est déjà chaude.

Je vais pousser plus loin et rejoindre Hfx. S'il s'avérait que nos Moineaux enlignent deux contre-performances contre les Stamps et une autre boule puante contre les Eskimos, Popp fera sauter Verducci ou Miller. Je tends donc à être d'accord avec la date butoir du 25 juillet proposée par Hfx.

Glad to have you with us, and welcome to the forums, L'apache. I enjoyed reading your post. :thup:

Next game will be very telling. I'm hoping for a rebound, as we all are, though things will get very tense if we see more of the same.

Won't make a dime's worth of difference if we can't back teams off from playing DB man / LB zone and only rushing four.

Verducci ne se rend pas au mois d’août à ce rythme là.

Et si ce que tu annonces arrive, Miller doit avoir cédé le pas à Berry avant la fin du mois.

C’est comme si Miller avait pas compris qu’il n’y a que 3 essais.

Like the original post.

What makes me nervous is the fact the Stamps have Hufnagel and Dickenson running the show on offense years of CFL experience.

As D/P mentions, Hawkins/Miller continue with 7 step drop and it will be a long game for AC,
Hopefully they have worked on their game plan with the time off from the field since the game on Thursday.

I had a chance to re-watch the Als offensive series and there was a lot of blame to go around

Bomben completely missed a block
SJ offside by five yards
Jourdain and Woodruff completely out of sync and playing soft
Whitaker hesitating on multiple occasions (he gets a pass)
Calvillo underthrowing and multiple ducklings.

Now for the play calling it is much too conservative, you need to throw the ball much more on intermediate and deep routes and use that tight coverage against the Winnipeg defense.

Hardly any use of motion and when there was it was very predictable that it would be a short route.

Als finally got after it with four minutes left in the game and had success. They should have done that the whole game.

Overall Miller is way too conservative and lacks imagination in the passing game and the run blocking was abysmal when running outside but quite good running up the middle.

Finally he's not using his personnel very well. This is a league where you have to air the ball and trust your playmakers, they did it with four minutes left in the game.

Its fixable.

Regarding those seven steps drop, they had max protection. On Anderson's sack they had EIGHT guys in protection and Anderson walked right through ! as the fifth man and he jumped in there late when he saw the humongous hole left by Jourdain who had no idea where he was on the field :roll:

I've posted this in another thread, but I'll say it again: the lack of meaningful (read, effective) pre-snap motion is BRUTAL. It's a major, major reason why our receivers aren't getting open.

The one that got me was Flory who got twisted around like a turnstile. End result AC on his back.

They got it going late in the 4th and went with a no huddle, not allowing time for the Bombers D to get set.

Good pre-snap motion, effective use of formations, and variety of pass plays make it easier for receivers to come open, easier for linemen to stay on their blocks, and easier for the QB to go through his reads. In essence, they put us in a position where the QB and receiver don't have to execute the perfect play every time to move the chains or score. That's what you want at all times: producing without always needing everyone to be superb on every play. That's the tactical element of football, and its importance cannot be overestimated. Obviously, you need the horses to succeed on the field, but those horses need to be put in a position to excel. We clearly have the on-field talent; the issue is the coaching. Don't tell me that Calvillo, the O-line, and our entire receiving corps all suddenly got awful overnight.

Thank you sir! :thup:

Bien d'accord. Verducci a une longue feuille de route mais un peu comme Trestman avant lui, il n'est jamais resté en poste bien longtemps. Ce qui me rassure c'est que nous avons un très bon entraîneur de la ligne à l'attaque voire un bon coordonateur offensif en Berry. Je suis persuadé que c'est un détail qui n'échappera pas à Popp.

This is getting more and more absurd...

Matthieu Proulx ?@matthieuproulx 1h Les Alouettes devraient avoir un changement sur la ligne offensive alors que Woodruff sera remplacé par Ola.

Oh, yeah, right, make the Canadian the scapegoat for the idiot American coach’s inability to understand the Canadian game. :roll: :roll:

What a bunch of horse manure. AND that screws with our ratio too. Hawkins and Miller are out to lunch…