Als-Stamps Sep. 12 2008

Well, the position chart is up: ... algary.pdf

O-line appears to be healthy, which is good. However, if Proulx is healthy, why isn't he starting at safety? Chris Smith hasn't been more than competent IMO.

Also, Kizer at halfback? Arg. Khalil Carter has been with the team for how many weeks now? Our inside coverage is not going to be great tonight, especially with Calgary's wealth of receiving talent (Lewis in particular).

If I had my druthers, I'd play Bratton instead of Deslauriers at that wideout spot for most of the night.

I thought Cobourne was not suppose to play tonight, that's good news.

I don't think Cobourne will play. I think him being listed on the position chart is a mistake.

He travelled with the team. Me thinks if he's healthy he starts or maybe we are going to see some surprises...

i also would like to see Bratten over Deslauries. Bratten has shown his strength in the last few games. He more than deserves the srart unless the import ratio eliminates him.

i also would like to see Bratten over Deslauries. Bratten has shown his strength in the last few games. He more than deserves the start unless the import ratio eliminates him.

Don't see how ratio could be an issue for Bratton/Deslauriers since both already dress for most games. It would, unless I'm missing something, only be a question of giving Bratton more playing time, which he has more than earned and which Deslauriers has more than not deserved.

There is a ration issue as to how many imports are on the field at a time. Bratton usualy comes in if Carter is in the backfield.

I thought they said on the news yesterday he was staying home

Good luck Als I hope it is a great game and may the best team on the field wins.

Montreal needs to even it up against your boyz...

Goat horns to Danny Desriveaux tonight. Seemingly had no interest in laying out for catches and his stupid hit started the chain reaction that effectively ended the game at halftime.

More goat horns for Damon Duval. Honestly, why do we have an import kicker if he's going to miss field goals from POINT-BLANK RANGE? I don't care about the rain, the wind, the ball, or what he had for breakfast that morning. He's been subpar for the past three weeks and it's unacceptable.

The only bright side is that between this game and the B.C. game, mongoloid Burke might finally realize that he needs to make some personnel and scheme changes.

I was with a bunch of Als fans at the game and I have to tell you they are the greatest good natured fans I have ever watched a game with.

Kudos to your team, redwhite. They came to play and they handed it to us in all phases of the game.

Duval has been off the mark for the past few games missing relatively short field goals. Last evening Duval kicked one out of the bounds giving Calgary the ball on their 45 yard line. A better kick would have given the Stamps the ball somewhere behind their 20 yard line.

An import kicker can't be screwing up as often as Duval has been recently. He's got to get his act together.