als-stamps II

Reports are that the Stamps will fly in a DB from Calgary; either Jamar Wall or Mavin White to replace DB Brandon Smith.

Even though I'm getting killed in BigDave's pool, I am mildly gratified to see that early on, my East prediction is turning out to be correct (for the moment): Montreal and Toronto fighting for 1st place, Hamilton and Winnipeg fighting for third place.

Brad Sinopoli signed with the stamps and is joining them in Kingston. Might we knock Glenn out to see him play?

What impressed me about the Argos win wasn’t how well they played
But how well they did DESPITE the obvious fact that they’re only STARTING to gain some chemistry and confidence

Ricky Ray is obviously only now starting to get this new offence
Chad Owens…who had a HUGE game week one only to be dissed by several people here
Has one ot two fundamentals to work on…but his YAK ability as an inside receiver is only beginning to be realised

Boyd’s starting to run downhill
And that’s not only bad news for the rest of the league
It’s going to be a Godsend to Ray and the offensive line

Andre Durie suddenly looks like a viable and potent weapon rather than an afterthought
And if the Argos get Ken-Yon Rambo going as a complement to Jason Barnes and Spencer Watt
(not to mention Dontrell Inman)
Suddenly the Argos are pretty stacked all over their offence
Sitting Owens on a few downs to save him for returns won’t be much of a problem at all.

The defence looked mighty solid too
no one can dispute they’re pretty solid coaching-wise over the board…unlike Les Oiseaux unfortunately
So basically…although it’s early in the season
It’s the Argos that are looking to be the Alouettes main worry
Not the Ticats or Bombers

What surprised me even more. Is how badly they played on special teams. That was their worst game on ST since O'Shea is coaching it and Prefontaine has missed 3 mid-range field goals in two games. If they get all three phases of the game clicking they can be a contender this year. I didn't think they would be until next year. But its early still.

It’s true LT had perhaps his best night of his career
I’m more concerned about what that will mean this week against the Alouettes
Not exactly brimming with confidence in our coaching staff’s
Ability to respond and prepare on special teams

I've got mixed feelings on our Special Teams problems. Here is why.

Even players will tell you that Special team success is about desire and will to make violent contact and put yourself in harm's way. Anyone remember Duval constantly being thrown off his game by Toronto ? or Philion chasing guys around the field ? Is Trestman trying to play it too clean ?

How much science can there be to coaching ST formations and match ups ? I can see for preparing trick plays but we are nowhere near that discussion.

How much access does the ST coach have to picking his players on ST. Or is our HC making some guys off limit ?

Because Whyte is not a punter and I don't think he ever will be, the team has decided to go with some weird techniques and IMO this allows the returner to keep his eye on the field longer because the punts have no height or hang time on top of being most often short. I can't remember when we pinned our opponent inside the 10 because of a great punt.

I suspect a combination of these things is the problem.

While I was willing to entertain various theories on the subject
Ranging from changing kick returners
(both for their innate abilities AND for what those abilities do to inspire blockers ((think Chad Owens)))
To various personnel changes on coverage teams

There comes a point
Especially when you’re on your 5th new punt returner
AND you’ve changed kicker
AND you’ve canned half your coverage specialists

Where there’s really ONLY one person left to blame

As with every other aspect of football
Coaching is of vital importance
Alignments, lanes, even motivation
Let’s face it
When a receiving team goes offsides on a kickoff
You’ve got a coaching problem

And basically
This team simply isn’t great enough
To continue to lose vital field position
EVERY change of possession
And expect to win consistently

So I say again:

Bischoff MUST go!!!

Something has to give. I agree.

To Als fans who were inclined to throw our offense, and Calvillo under the bus, after the Calgary game, it's worth noting that until the final three minutes of last night's game, the Riders had scored a grand total of SEVEN points (one field goal, a safety, and two singles). Yet they still won the game. It sure would be nice to be able to rely on our defense every once in a while to win a game like that. And it sure would be nice to have a decent pass rush.

Whyte’s struggles don’t explain why we are so craptastically bad at blocking for our own kick returners. The factors you mention are probably valid to some extent, but IMO this is squarely on Bischoff’s shoulders. We didn’t have these problems when Squires was ST coordinator in 2008 and 2009. Bischoff doesn’t have his unit ready to play, nobody seems to have any zip or will to pursue the ball, players are lazy and take all kinds of penalties, and there are no consequences. The entire unit is a disaster and it’s time for him to go. If he’s willing to remain as RB coach and admin assistant, he can, but we absolutely need a qualified, competent guy to run special teams. I would take Noel Thorpe back in a heartbeat.

Just for fun:

Doug Berry is sitting at home. Very organized and experienced professional. Can also handle the RB duties.

Ed Phillion is selling cleats. Played the game and understands special teams very well. Would be respected by players.

Crazy Mike Kelly is coaching High School kids : Good motivator. Looking for an opportunity to prove he's not the Harley Quinn of the CFL.

Anyone but Bellefeuille !

Franchement, là, given the state of our ST unit, I will take ANYBODY but Bischoff.

Like others I would like Bischoff to buzzoff, but realistically it ain`t going to happen in season. Ironic that a better special teams coach in Noel Thorpe is here in town at U. of M.

I also have to say that despite the hype Noel Devine does not come across as an instinctive returner. He has great accelaration until he hits a crowd, but then comes to a dead stop instead of finding a hole. I would like to see more of Guy against Calg.

I`m late to the party in saying this, but was very pleased that Trestman opened the playbook and was creative against Wpg. Hopefully it continues this week, and will include even more work for Devine to take advantage of his speed.

Im not as down as some others on the d-line, although have to admit Hunt has been invisible. I think the defense is still a work in progress and it is still too early to write off Jenkins, Lockley, or Murrell once hes back.

And how would you like to wake up this morning as an Eskimos fan? 1 point in the CFL??!! And another reason not to worry about losing McPherson, if in fact there is a reason to worry, is that genius GM Tillman has a high regard for 3rd string QB Matt Nichols.

What's happening in Edmonton is pretty tragic but expected. Never did I ever think I'd see the day when the Eskimos would be THE worst organization in the league.

and yet still have the highest average attendance in the cfl, this in spite of winning one playoff game in 6 years and missing the playoffs 3 times. They are truly the Habs of this league.

As for Noel Thorpe he has also taken defensive coordinator duties for the Carabins. They should give Laval a run for their money this year.

According to Herb A.C. missing from practice with Trestman to give details later. Sounds a little ominous.

We know he strained his left shoulder in the Wpg. game, hopefully will be O.K. by Thursday. But with a short week hard to say if they will take chances.

But its melting quick…

No way ac was going to practice with another short week.

Especially if he’s a bit banged up
Although it’s a bit worrying if he didn’t even run through the playbook for the week
McPherson vs. Glenn?

BTW…where do you see that Herb quote about AC?
(Or do I actually have to buy a paper)