als-stamps II

didn't want this game to have to count but now it does, so be it. bring on the poneys. :cowboy:

our objective: save earth (McGill) from the deadly horsies. :wink:

Time to focus on Sunday. There's nothing we can do about last Saturday; from here on in it's one game at a time. It doesn't matter what happens elsewhere. Hopefully, other teams may do us a favour and maybe, just maybe we might yet get to host the East Final, not just the semi-final.

Go Als go!!!

Totally agree with you; let's forget about last game and get prepared for the Stampeders. 1 st place has not been decided,yet.Yes,it will be more difficult but let's correct our mistakes and improve on our best plays/options.We must do the outmost to win our last 2 games and hope that Winnipeg will lose one.


Ok, I'm in :lol: You guys are so damn positive. I don't have a choice :thup:

I always have hope but, I believe the coaches should work on developing some surprises for the Calgary defense- more screens, greater running, draws, two QBs etc etc. I'm sure they are well prepared to defend our short passing game!

It's not just about being positive, Hfx, but it's something football players must do. The coaches always drill in to the players that they have to have short-term memory. Whether you beat a team badly or lost badly to them the week before, the past is past. The most important game you play is the next one!

I hope the coaching staff prepares them well for Calgary, and that may even include inserting AD at some point. The main thrust in the next two games is getting wins, no matter who is at pivot. While I'm definitely an AC fan, I'm an Als fan first and have been long before we ever heard of AC! I'd love to see him get back into his old routine, but that is not the key issue - winning is! I want to see the Als play with a sense of urgency. They need to ramp up their game like the playoffs have already started.

Go Als go!!!!

So, this probably got overshadowed by Winnipeg's comeback and all in the last game, but did anyone notice that Richardson actually managed to get over 100 yards in that game? If I'm not mistaken, that ties the record at 11 100-yard games a season for him.

Although winning is evidently priority #1, wouldn't it be swell if Richardson got himself one more 100-yarder and became sole-possessor of that 100-yard games/season record? :slight_smile:

On the other hand...
Wouldn't it be awesome if nobody cared about records
And the team focused on discipline
And a well-balanced offence?

When we lose the answer wouldn't always be,
"Why so negative...can't you see we have the league's leading passer, rusher and receiver?"
And people would take their heads out of whatever hole they inhabit
Use them to find some answers before this season just slips away?

Someone on another forum stated simply, "Records are for losers."
Just ask Chad Owens about that.
I have no interest in consolation prizes
And want to see a team willing to do anything to win

Hufnagel pulled an MOP quarterback and replaced him with a relatively untried "rookie"
He felt he had to do something to get his team back on track
I wish I could believe Trestman has the same kind of courage
But if AC has repeat performances of last week (heaven forbid)
It looks like this ship will be going down with it's captain
Alas and a lack...


I'm sure you hear this ad nauseum, but seriously, don't you ever think you take things too seriously?

I was just pointing something out that I thought might be of interest to people. I'm sorry if that somehow means the end of the world to you.


And i was just pointing out how this year has been lost in the hoopla over personal accomplishments
It seems you took it personally
You know...too seriously


This is a forum about the Alouettes
Now I could post my observations about the Bruins
How they're doing badly but at least Tyler Seguin is in the top 15 in scoring
And in any event...they're doing better than the Cacanadiens
Hardly seems the right place

So I'll continue to post my thoughts on the Alouettes
If that's alright with you
Even if it isn't
And you can do the same
Seriously or otherwise

Go Bruins!

So Tate is an untried rookie. How come he is not in nomination for rookie of the years? oops! In the CFL since 2008. No longer a rookie.


Technically no. But a rookie when it comes to actual playing time.

Yeah , he got most of his yards 80 on two catch. He could still possibly get to 2000 yards as well. Only a handful of guys have ever done that. Grier, Wilson, Steagall, Pitts I can't think of the other one.

Dude this is not the 1st time
Maybe it's a language thing
But when someone puts quotation marks
It is simply suggesting that although Drew Tate has been with the Stampeders for a few seasons now
Last game was his first actual start

Not technically a rookie
But given his lack of experience
And total lack of starts
He might as well be...


There is NO other choice. lol :smiley:

Als fans Are the best cuz we've been through SO much heartbreak over the years. :cry:

on a side note there is talk of the bc-edm game being relocated in edmonton due to the labor strife at bc place. god let the grey cup game not return to edmonton too. I'm still cold from last year. :frowning:

Depressing list
Even more so for those of us who lived through the failure of two CFL franchises
And the "heartbreaking" seasons that led up to them

Still...the last few years have been stellar
And the future looks bright
So if the Als stumble a bit for now
There's plenty to look forward to

With any luck

:thup: :thup: :thup:

With any luck.... the way things are going in bc we may get an extra home game against the leos nov.5 :smiley:

and while they're at it would the Big O be prepared to host an emergency Grey Cup game? :wink:


Wow that would be embarrassing
Spending all that money to renovate
Then losing the Cup because of a labour dispute