Als-Stamps game thread

Sorry BYF!! LMAO :wink:

I need to watch a snot dislodger, and these teams should comply.

Calgary is starting off like Hamilton did. haha

17-0 so far.

Yes, fire the coach, Burris is a bum, etc. LOL

I think it’s those great GC rings that are weighing them down. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Oh, I find starting this thread understandable. I also expected this game to be more interesting. But...

Exactly what I thought when I saw the score. :slight_smile:<<< evidence LMAO

Duval FG makes score 20-0 about a minute into 2nd quarter. Same as the score in the first game of the doubleheader at the same point in that game.

Good to know we're not only ones who get off to bad starts, the defending Grey Cup champions dig themselves into same deep hole. :slight_smile:

Ryan #83 for Calgary just returned a kickoff for a TD.

But wait, kickoff returned for TD, 20-7 now.

Team down 20-0 gets next TD, exactly what happened in that other game tonight.

Lysack blocks punt, and former Ticat Anderson recovers.

CGY seems to be getting back into this, unlike a certain other team that was down 10-0 tonight.

Is anyone still watching this one? Because the Stamps have tied the game in the third quarter with about 4 minutes left in it. After being down 20-0, they get 17 points off turnovers. It's now 27-27.

I am. Turning into a nailbiter indeed!