Als-Stamps Game 2

Herb saying it will be Ryan Bomben replacing Flory, not Matte. That is kind of surprising.

Also former Eskimo Canadian receiver Youssy Pierre added to practice roster.

Not surprising to me. Bomben is the more developed of the two and both play guard.

Bomben replacing Scott Flory at guard?

Woe is us

Mostly...woe is Calvillo
BIG Woe.

or rather


The highly popular Ejiro Kuale who came out of the Calgary game with an ankle injury is being replaced at practice by Brandon Denson. John Bowman not practicing either.

I hope Miller uses 2 RBs like he did during the first Winnipeg game, and which was working well. That could set up some play action, and make the offense less predictable. The result would be less pressure on the oline and AC, which is important given the absence of Flory and Woodruff.

As others have said, I don't expect a win. I would be happy with at least 2 scores and no blow out. Also, Jamel and SJ need to rack up some yardage.

Bien d'accord, Phil, mais ce que les adversaires des Alouettes ont fait, c'est envoyer des pressions à 3 ou 4, laissant ainsi 8 ou 9 joueurs pour la couverture. Considérant qu'on ainsi 5 ou 6 joueurs disponibles pour attraper le ballon, les adversaires des Alouettes ont mis deux gars sur Richardson et Green et tous les autres demeuraient couverts.

L'analyse que Vercheval a faite est excellente et permet de déduire ce qui arrive à nos receveurs.

They need to get their running game going and the intermediate stuff will open up.

Use your personnel better. How can you have Messam on the sidelines and throw the ball on two consecutive downs with 2 yards to make when your passing game hasn't worked for 3 games.

Get Deslauriers out of there and use a combination of Lavoie,Messam,Lumbala to round out your NI ratio.

Find a way to give some reps to Carrier to give that receiving group some speed. See above (Deslauriers)

Receivers have to be more physical getting off the line and use those big bodies of theirs to create holes

I'll take a page from Hfx's playbook: July 25th


Carrier was not dressed for the last game,since Ola was.If Carrier dresses, 1 IMP will have to sit.They could sit Kuale and dress Carrier; dress Bo Adebayo,if Kuale is out, and sit NIP DB Carter.


While we pickup Youssy Pierre the Argos have picked up Ezra Millington.

Bowman won't play Saturday so I doubt Kuale sits. Looks like Ameet Paal will dress not sure who else. We are way too thin at the DE spot. Scouting department better address that.

Je sais qu'il est une recrue, mais j'ai aimé ce que j'ai vu de Klassen. C'est un type qui pourrait se développer comme Bekasiak.

Pall et Adebayo ont tous deux deux ans d'entraînement dans le corps, ce que Klassen n'a pas. Ce serait une bonne occasion de voir ce qu'ils ont dans le ventre.

Klassen has played all three games and is part of the DT rotation. Adebayo is 275 pounds not sure he can play end. Best bet is Pall. Denson who played in Hamilton a couple years ago is about the same height.

I know Millington is not Chad Owens, but this still bothers me. Popp spoke very highly of him in training camp and he had a great 2nd pre-season game.

Then he was released supposedly because of a kidney contusion, yet the Argos just added him to their practice roster. Il y a anguille sous roche quelque part.

Je ne sais pas si ça va aller très loin. Les Argonauts ont déjà Durie, Watt, Feodi-Guidino et Rempel comme receveurs canadiens, sans compter Mike Bradwell. Ça fait pas mal de monde à surpasser pour se décrocher un poste.

Peut-être que les Argonauts espèrent qu'il pourra revenir au jeu, mais un déchirement au soutènement du rein demeure une blessure avec laquelle il faut être très prudent.

But we only have M. Mal Aime and Youssy Pierre.

I asked Herb about Millington and he said to read his blog tonight. Soyez a l`ecoute.

Do you know or did Herb say if Bowman and/or Kuale practised today? Doubtful for Saturday?

Thank you.


You will be very happy to know that Kuale practiced today :smiley:

Bowman tweeted he is still home sick. Hopefully not sick of the offense. It`s only Wed., I still expect him to play.

Thanks. If Kuale does not improve, I do hope that Jim Popp will find a better player. Should be easy.