From Herb:

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1
Looks like Trent Guy is #Als returner. Osaisai might be 6th DB. And Chip Cox is playing some safety with starter Hebert.

If Guy is the returner does Noel Devine dress? With Diedrick out who would be Whitaker`s backup?

Richard called Guy as the returner. :slight_smile:

Not surprising to see Chip getting some safety time. They evidently don't see any of the Canadian safeties as game-ready at this point.

If Guy is the returner does Noel Devine dress? With Diedrick out who would be Whitaker`s backup?
Wolfe is on the 9-game IR, so he's out. It'll either be Devine or Victor Anderson, who's still on the roster. Very similar body types and they're the same age. It'll be interesting to see which one Trestman goes with.

Called it… there Monsieur Discipline :slight_smile:

Presently,there are 25 imports on roster,including 3 QBs, meaning that 3 will not dress/play. These 3 players should/will be:

Ed Gainey- DB-
Michael Ola -T-
Victor Anderson-RB- or Noel Devine-RB-

Noel has been injured slightly during training camp. Most probably Marc Trestman will opt for the best blocker amongst Victor and Noel.


Je crois qu'Anderson sera le substitut de Whitaker. Il a de meilleurs mains et a probablement un peu mieux fait comme demi que Devine.

Pour ce qui est du remplaçant de Diedrick, je crois qu'on pourrait voir Lavoie, mais il se pourrait aussi que Deslauriers soit inséré pour bloquer.

Une chose est certaine, j'ai hâte de voir quel genre de pression la défensive va appliquer sur Tate. Tate demeure un quart relativement inexpérimenté. Si la pression est forte, il y a des chances qu'il presse le jeu et que ça provoque des revirements.

D'autre part, quand je regarde leur ligne offensive, il me semble qu'elle comporte quelques faiblesses, notamment Gott et Bryant.

Cependant, leur défensive est assez équilibrée et leur brigade de receveurs est bien garnie aussi. En fin de compte, ce sont les lignes qui vont déterminer la partie.

From Ian Busby/Calgary Sun how the Stampeders lined up at practice yesterday:

The first defence on the field had Chris McCoy and Charleston Hughes as the defensive ends, Torrey Davis and Corey Mace at tackle, Juwan Simpson, Malik Jackson and Demetrice Morley at linebacker, Keon Raymond and Fred Bennett at cornerback, Brandon Smith and Quincy Butler at halfback and Keenan MacDougall at safety. Brian Bulcke rotated in at tackle, as did Kenny Pettway at defensive end. Chris Randle took some time at safety.

On offence, Edwin Harrison returned to left tackle, and Jon Gott was at centre. The rest of the offensive line looks set with Steve Myddelton at left guard, Dimitri Tsoumpas at right guard and Stanley Bryant at right tackle. Mark Dewit rotated at centre, while Na’Shan Goddard took time at left tackle. Harrison missed the majority of training camp but did most of the reps on Tuesday, which is good news for the team.

The backfield is as expected with Drew Tate, Jon Cornish and Rob Cote as the players getting the most reps, while LaMarcus Coker was in for some formations at running back.

At receiver, Marquay McDaniel took the first reps at slotback, but so did Arjei Franklin at wideout with Johnny Forzani out with a glute injury. Forzani is expected back in practice on Wednesday. Jabari Arthur went through individual drills, but he wasn’t doing much in the team sessions. Anthony Parker took reps at wideout, spelling Franklin. Chris Bauman and Larry Taylor rotated as the extra man in five receivers sets, while Nik Lewis and Romby Bryant played their usual roles

I think Devine will dress. I'm curious to see who of London or Deslauriers starts.

Well, no doubt there will be some first game jitters and likely some rust, but it should be a good game.

I think the key for the Als is to take the crowd out of the game early and often and run up a lead of 20+ points. That doesn't mean they can ever take their foot off the pedal, however. I remember the Winnipeg game especially which went right down to the last play, although we had a a 3-TD lead!

So, I am anxious to see how our new look D performs.

Go Als go!

Calgary has a strong O-line, this will be a good first test for our D-line.

I think Calgary will give the Lions a run for their money.

I'm not so sure about that Hf. . . I'd be concerned about the defence, were I to be a stamps' fan, particularly the secondary. , , and no Chris Jones this year.


In any given season, there are bound to be some changes in some positions, on both O and D. However, this season sees almost wholescale changes at most positions on D. No matter the calibre of the players brought in or that of our remaining veterans, it will likely take a few games to get everything finely tuned to the new D schemes IMO. Then again, they may just come out like gangbusters and never let up all season.

Obviously, I hope the latter scenario is the one that prevails.

Yeah, Rick Campbell's defenses have never scared anyone. And he's not even their first choice as DC, just the guy they had to scramble to hire after their original choice took a job down south.

I think Calgary might be a challenge for BC toward the end of the year, but right now, they are revamping their offense around a young, relatively unproven quarterback and the D just lost one of the top defensive coordinators in the league (Chris Jones). Jones was also a great recruiter and that's another resource Hufnagel won't have at his disposal going forward.

What worries me the most about Calgary is special teams. We have a lot to prove in this area and we'll be facing one of the best in Larry Taylor.

On a more positive note. .. I think AC and the receivers might just have a big day. . . that's a pretty green secondary the Stamps will be fielding on Sunday. . .

Agreed. If the line protects, we should be able to move the chains on Calgary and score some points.

Is it most positions, though? Looking at the D, I see seven returning starters: Parker, Brown, Williams, Anderson, Cox, Emry, and Bowman (when healthy), with two more projected starters (Brouillette and Bekasiak) being promoted from within the organization. Realistically, we've got two new D-line starters (Hunt and Murrell), one new linebacker (Ingram), and one safety (Hebert).

No matter the calibre of the players brought in or that of our remaining veterans, it will likely take a few games to get everything finely tuned to the new D schemes IMO.
True, but typically defenses are faster out the gate than offenses, all other things being equal. Let's hope everyone understands their assignments and is ready to erase the memory of last season. :rockin:

... et un secondeur (Davis).

True, but once Bowman is healthy, we'll probably see Davis and Murrell in a rotation in our base 3-4 set.

While new to the Als, Hunt, Davis, and Hebert didn`t exactly fall off the turnip truck. They are experienced CFL veterans.

I have to admit though that the one player that worries a bit is Seth Williams at the boundary corner. He was both hot and cold down the stretch last season. I have to believe though that if the coaches have plugged him in it was because he looked good in camp.

Well five starters changed on a unit is huge to begin with but also some of the returning guys hardly played last year and you have a completely new style of defense. You put those three factors together and we are starting from scratch. The nice thing is that there is a ton of talent and experience. Its not your typical rebuild where guys are being brought in with zero CFL experience and cuts from other teams...