Als sound like bad guys...

Were you guys watching the Argos/Bombers game?

They were talking about Robert Edwards, and the way they were talking about his situation in Montreal, they made it sound like he was treated like crap.

"I was talking to Robert, and he said he wasn't given a fair chance."

"I was talking to Terrance (Rob's brother) and he never got a chance to do anything in Montreal"

Then Danny Mac said something like:

"It's got to make you feel good, when a team like Toronto finds you out on the streets and welcomes you to the team"

I wonder if it had ever occured to them that maybe they don't know the true reason to Edwards' release, whether it was a salary cap reason, or the strong play by Payton...

I watched the game. What both Cuthbert and Suitor failed to mention was that Edwards REQUESTED his release and Popp very charitably gave it to him. We can argue about how Edwards was under-utilized -- hell, I AGREE with him on that count -- but the Als did the right thing by giving Edwards a chance to catch on somewhere else. Popp even said that he had no doubt Edwards would be productive in Toronto.

Nobody is the bad guy here. This is a business.

tns will say anything to make any toronto sports team look like the good guys

When Thomas Haskins went to the Eskimos, he told the Edmonton Journal that the Als management told him “players like you are a dime a dozen.”
Matthews was the coach at the time and, say what you want about him, there is no one that would ever accuse him of being a nice guy. And Popp’s ego has been mentioned numerous times in this forum.
Perhaps the Als management isn’t the most tactful and polite in the league.
But if the Als are bad guys for releasing a player, then so is every team in every sport.

The way I see the Als/Edwards relationship is the Als came to the conclusion that Edwards was stricly a bruising short gain running back and this dates back to Matthews being here. I remember the Als trying to run Edwards outside with no sucess game after game.

Edwards felt that if he got more carries he would eventually break the defense and rip some longer gains. Problem is how many drives would that kill?

As much as i think Edwards a class act. I accept the Als decision. The fumble in the Grey Cup was probably very difficult to overcome for management.

I think once Bishop returns and stretches the field. Edwards will look real good both blocking and beating up defenses.

Edwards doesn't have the speed to get outside and stretch defenses east-west. He may have had that speed prior to his knee injury at the Pro Bowl, but he doesn't have it now. I wish him nothing but the best, but I must also admit that Payton is playing very good football.

IF true, that would be a first.