Als snap four-game losing streak with win over Stamps

CALGARY — The Montreal Alouettes stopped a four-game losing streak with a 28-11 win over the Calgary Stampeders on Saturday at McMahon Stadium.

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The ownership group is to blame for this complete debacle in Calgary. They have done their very best to destroy this once proud franchise they seem only concerned with the attendance at their hockey team we can only pray that someone will buy this team away from the current ownership group, and pray they can save the Calgary Stampeders.

When is the CFL going to stop these guys using their helmets as missiles. Awe did it 3 times and will probably be fined but should be out for a game! Him and Bighill do this every game.

I know you don’t like the current ownership group but you can’t place all the blame there. The 6 game and 1 game injury list tell quite the story. No other team comes close to having as many injured players. 17 players on the 6 game including our top WR, 2 of our best Canadian receivers, our top defensive end, and the list goes. Plus 4 on the one game including one or our best DB. The next closest is Sask with 13 on the 6 game.

Winnipeg, and BC have very few on the injured list. Toronto is the only team near the top that has closer to average number on the injured list.

I can’t speculate why the rash of injuries, Calgary is a fairly young team. If you look at the number of injuries per team there is corelation to how they are doing.

Yeah, I think Awe needs to be suspended a couple of games for him to prioritize changing his style. I don’t remember a time when I’ve seen a 25-yard penalty before. I’ve watched CFL long enough that I’ve probably seen one before, but I really had no idea that a 25-yarder even existed.

Edit// Okay, seems a 25-yarder is something they’ve added in recent years (2019).

So why was he still playing. Why not a go take a shower from the ref for a 25 yard call

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Why? Because I don’t work for the CFL. Isn’t it obvious? I’m merely a fan voicing an opinion :slight_smile: .

Malik Henry was not only a loss to the team, but to the entire league.