Al's sign WR Chris Matthews

Montreal Al’s signed WR Chris Matthews,

Wow for a team hopefully sold soon to a group of Montreal investors (The L.A. Movie boys) originally from Montreal & La Belle Province interested in buying the team they are certainly building a good team of players and look pretty good heading into the second half of this 2019 CFL season.

Its nice to the Alouettes are trying to put a competitive team on the field.

I wonder how their salary cap situation is considering Kavis Reed was fired for being over.

I am speculating that their team’s quick rise is due tothis grossly exceeding the salary cap.

The year end audit will be interesting. Will the league fine the new owners or fine themselves as salary cap was blown out under their own watch???

Do you think the Tiger Cats have enough depth to continue the season considering they have cap space to go out and sign a running back and middle linebacker? Cap space, Masoli, Westerman, Tracy, Erlington, Breaux and anyone I may have missed.

Hey Ticats…

An extra QB? Running Back or Full Back? Brandon Bridge is still available as a back up QB with playing experience and a Canadian might be a good fit in Hamilton especially in the run towards the playoffs?