Als sign Wieneke, Stanback, Ackie to extensions

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes announced on Monday that the club has extended the contracts of American running back William Stanback and National linebacker Chris Ackie for two more seasons, while American receiver Jake Wieneke is returning to Montreal in 2022.

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Congratulations Montreal, all quality players


Agreed. 3 important players to the team, and it's always nice as an outside fan to see consistency with players/teams.
Montreal still have a good OLine for Stanback?

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Yep. With Schleuger re-signed to play left tackle and our wounded from last year back, we should have a good group. Depth is another story but hey, at least this year we get to draft, having finally gotten out from under Kavis Reed trading away our futures!

Was that for Johnny? You also gave up some good linemen in that trade right? At least that chapter has now closed.
We'll see if Stanback has any competition this year.

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Wanna hear a crazy stat? was just thinking about how it always seems there's a Bomber/Allouette as the rushing leader. Infact over the past 27 years, the 2 clubs have had a rushing leader 18 times! That is actually pretty crazy when you think about it. That leaves the 7 other clubs only 9 titles during that span:
Harris X3

We have been built with the same identity for decades now.


We receive 2 good OL with Manziel, they where Tony Washington who was our LT until this season and Landon Rice who is our RT and was an Al Star East. The trade is less bad then it look like

Still not a great trade for us IMO. But I agree, it's not as bad now as it was then.

Yes it wasn't a good trade for us

Johnny........all I can do is smile.......we didn't get him.

Happy all is done, and moving on.

CFL 2022, let it be one of the best in history.