Als sign Vernon Adams Jr., Eugene Lewis to extensions

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes announced on Thursday that the club has extended the contracts of quarterback Vernon Adams Jr., which now goes through the 2023 season, as well as receiver Eugene Lewis, who signed a one-year deal with the club.

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Makes you wonder where the soon to be 36 yr old Harris winds up. Starting QB's likely set everywhere but Ottawa @ this point. Maybe Edmonton. Very likely can't sign Masoli to starting money if, IMO, Evans is the starter in '22. One of Masoli & Harris may have to take a haircut, maybe both if LaPo signs Streveler. Hard to say what happens in Elkland with change in GM & coach. Would they want a veteran - got 3 QB's signed for '22. And can you bring Harris back? Not sure the fans want that.

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Harris is too expensive to keep on the bench. The only place he could start and succeed would be in Winnipeg where he'd get the protection he needs... but barring injury, he'd never unseat Collaros. So what's left besides a backup roll? I see either a paycut, or a heavily incentive laden base contract in the cards for Trevor Harris in 2022.

Harris will get cut before his bonus comes up next month. I don't see him in Winnipeg. Most likely landing place back in Ottawa, but you never know. A glut of QB's right now with Maier maybe wanting to start as well. One thing for certain, there will be an adjustment to the top end of QB salaries. Very likely league will want to keep CAP low with ongoing COVID issues even with double vaxxed players (see CFL, NFL this year).

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Gazing into my crystal ball... who is that ugly guy? Crap. It's me. Oh well, I think LaPo gets to work with the likes of either Jake Maier or Dane Evans next season in Ottawa. If that happes we'll be up to our necks in alligators when we open the season against them.

As for Harris... He'll probably drift around unsigned as a starter until finally settling on a team where he'd have the best chance of success as a backup. That team might be Winnipeg. We have the best offensive line and the best deals on pharmaceuticals. He'll be 37 and badly in need of Preparation H.

Old age sucks when you're an athlete who's spent too much time getting run over by meanies like Jefferson and Jeffcoat. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why do the Bomber fans always think players want to play in Winnipeg? The Bombers tried to sign Burnham last off season, then signed Bryant Mitchell who promptly changed his mind. There's better places to go if he wants to start - Argos with McT there & Ottawa. Your OL has 3 starters who'll be 32 & over next year. Bryant is coming 36. Even All-Stars drop off quickly at those ages. Perfect example - perrennial sack king Hughes this year. There'll be lots of changes in Winnipeg. More players coming 32 & over than anyone in the league, I believe. It took O'Shea 7 years to win the 1st Cup & now 9 years into the build. They can't sign everyone & they have go get younger. Older guys got the Cups & only a year or 2 left. They'll want to get paid heading into post football career. Harris will want good money as backup & likely goes to a team who wants a young cheaper starter & pays Harris good money as a backup. Since when has Walters opened his wallet to overpay for anyone. We'll see Maaax. I see the Bombers losing guys they have to replace. The cost of winning. IMO Harris isn't a priority.

Looking at FA list in appears Trevor Harris is still under contract. That puts Montreal is a good position heading into 2022. I can't see Ottawa being good, Hamilton will have many changes, including coaching and Toronto is not sustainable, so that makes Montreal an early favorite in the East IMO

Winnipeg has 48 free agents. Looking at the starting roster for the Grey Cup, that includes everyone but 9 - Alford, Demski, Kolanowski, Legghio, Derrick Nichols, Oleary-Orange, Sayles, Rick Walker & Kyrie Wilson are the only ones of the 45 man GC roster still signed. In other words, big changes in Winnipeg with a lot of stars looking for more money. Riders are only team with more @ 50. Lot of work to do there if they want to be in the GC @ Mosiac. You're right, I see the Als as favourites at this point in the East. Six teams have 25-34 free agents. Lots of money available for head hunting the Bombers & Riders.

I don’t know the numbers of free agents on the other teams but expect that it is significant across the league due to the prevalence of the one year contract.

The Bombers have large advantages in signing players over any other team so there is no reason to expect they will fare any worse than other teams. I won’t repeat the reasons for their many advantages. Whether O’Shea stays or not is also a significant factor.

The bottom line is that it is far too early to tell how everything will shake out, but I don’t see any reason at this point to be particularly pessimistic about the Bombers chances of signing players and fielding another contending if not powerhouse team.

If O'Shea gets us two Grey Cups every 'nine years' he's got my vote. :smiley: :+1:

Six of those nine are on entry level contracts. Bombers were like a 5th year Usports team.

The guy they should sign is Jake Maier. They won't.

What "large" advantage do the Bombers have over any other team? They have until February to sign them all I guess but only the Riders have more free agents than the Bombers, Jon. That's not a good boat to be in. Nobody has ever said, gee, the team with the most guys w/o contracts in an enviable position. Quite the opposite. Despite what fans may think, American players in particular go where the best buck is unless they are older & are settling down in the city (eg. Bighill who has started a business there). What happened to the win by at least 17 pts coming out of your corner for the GC. Turned out they had to win in OT. I get you're a fan, Jon, & you should be positive. But the Bombers are going to see a lot of turnover this year. Mark it down. As for O'Shea - he's not Jones. I wouldn't worry too much about losing him before his contract is up. He would have to be offered a promotion ie GM & Coach. Despite the rumours, I don't see him going to Edmonton. Plus he's a good coach but GM? I don't see him as ready for that. You're free to think otherwise. Merry Christmas. I'm out.

You got me on the 17 pointer. It was only 8. But give me some credit, in late October I called a Winnipeg GC win over Hamilton.

The large advantages the Bombers have include the best team culture and as a result players who try to convince others to stay there or come there, a winning culture, a stable organization, a beloved coaching staff assuming most or all stay, a great chance at the Cup including playoff bonus money, the best QB, the best fans and the best facility. That’s a lot.

I’ve said before that there is no doubt they will lose some players, as will other teams. I just like their chances of keeping/attracting a lot of good players and I expect them to contend next year and be the preseason favourite to threepeat. I don’t think it is possible to go farther than that because of all the variables a full season brings, especially if Covid is still a factor.

I also knew that Nicholls and Alford were signed for next year but just read in Thursday’s Free Press that Demski, Darwin Adams and Kyrie Wilson are also signed. Bighill said he would like to play 4 more years and he ain’t going anywhere. Neither likely to move are Jefferson and Collaros. Most impactful player likely to leave is Jeffcoat. Lawler, Kongbo and Desjarlais thought to be potentially considering an NFL shot. Even then many players trying NFL come back, such as Rose this year. All the coaches other than O’Shea have already said they would like to be back, including OC Pierce and the defensive master, Richie Hall. Streveler might also be grazing, solving any back up QB concerns.

Given all that, while there are no guarantees for any team, I see their chances of putting together a very good team next year to be as good as any other team, even if they have a few more free agents.

Okay, maybe one more note before I lay off for the holidays, Jon. Always fun to debate the point with you.

  1. That a die hard Bomber fan would predict a Bomber GC win in October is not exactly rocket science. No more than a Stamp fan predicting a Stamp win. You predicted "no chance" for the Bombers to lose the West or GC & the games wouldn't be close. I had said both times that they would be a flip of the coin & did predict Bombers to beat Riders. Between close teams, the home team is often given odds of a FG difference. The West was a 4 point win, the East went to OT. If you allow a team to be in the game to the very end, that is not dominance.
  2. How often do you hear a player signing with a new team proclaiming loudly that they hate the city, the culture etc.. Players & coaches alike in Elkland this year loudly & publicly proclaimed the great culture & fantastic players they had even when staring @ 2-8 & 3 games in 6 days to finish the season. They were "looking forward to the challenge". Don't believe me? Go back to some of the comments on the CFL website for the team & listen to Elizondo & players. In fact, while packing up they were already looking forward to next year, hours before the Jaimie & Brock show hit the road. Players convince players no matter where they are. Trevor Harris convinced SirVincent Rogers & Ellingson to join him, convinced Wilder to "unretire". What's different? Didn't this happen in Regina when Jones went there?
  3. It's an insult to the other cities to say Winnipeg has the best facility when there are new facilities in Regina, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto & excellent facilities in updated Commonwealth who has hosted more international events like World Cups, World Track & Field etc than IGF will likely ever see. And BC Stadium has a dome. There are a lot of good stadiums in the league & aren't out in the sticks.
  4. Nice that Bighill wants to play 4 more years. Trevor Harris wants to play into his 40's. You're welcome to both of them. Bighill will be 34 next year. No offence to Bighill who seems to be a real good guy but, seriously Jon, how many 37 year old LB's are there, never mind effective ones? Should Jones, one of 2 finalists in Edmonton, be the next GM/HC in Edmonton, better sign Jefferson. He was brought into the league by Jones, followed him to Regina where he stayed until Jones went to the NFL. Then he went to Winnipeg. If he's unsigned come free agency, don't bet against him leaving. He has to be the #2 priority behind Collaros. As for Collaros, he's on his 4th team & his family &, I believe, spouse are both from the East. With Hardrick, Couture, Neufeld, Bryant, Desjarlais & Gray unsigned, if I were Collaros I might want to wait until I saw which of my OL were on board.
  5. Some come back some don't, some don't. No different with any team.

Any way, we'll see how it plays out.

Sure we can debate but I will be brief.

The main thing I will say is that even though I am a Bomber fan, I try to make my predictions as objectively as possible. I am also a Jets fan and I will say that I’m not predicting any kind of glory for them this year. I didn’t say the games wouldn’t be close, especially the WF. I read many predictions by non Bomber fans that were way more favourable to the Bombers than mine were. I also placed a weather caveat on my predictions and whether turned out to be a factor. Still, my predictions were correct. I honestly and objectively thought the Bombers had the best team and predicted accordingly. Saying they had the best team wasn’t a stretch or a homer call. They won and there are no pictures on the scorecard, as they say in golf. That will be all that is remembered.

I have also acknowledged the Bombers won’t be able to keep everyone, but neither will anyone else. I do believe they have recruiting advantages at present as I have set out. It is easy to recognize when it has been going on for a couple of years and when the Bombers had never ever been in that position before. I have also been around competitive sports for over 50 years, as I am sure many on this forum have, and in my opinion what the Bombers have among their players right now is more than the usual lip service of how great an atmosphere and teammates they have. And I give O’Shea a lot of credit for that. And the facility comment wasn’t meant to be insulting to any other facility. I have spoken to at least half a dozen present and former players and they have all told me how fantastic the facility is and that is what I was basing my statements on.

You are of course correct that we will have to see how it plays out. And things could go any number of ways for any team. But I remain reasonably confident that the Bombers are not in any worse position than any other team even though they may have a few more free agents and that is why I made the points I did. This is all speculation in any event because it is simply far too early.

Have a good holiday!