Als sign RB/KR Noel Devine

A few notes on players sjgned yesterday and signings duriong this off-season.

Noel Devine.RB Runs the 40 in 4.55 seconds.In college,his longest runs were of: 76 yards in 2007,92 yards and 1 TD in 2008,88 yards and 1 TD in 2009 and 50 yards in 2010.During 4 year career,36 runs of 25 yards or more. His 5,763 career all-purpose yards rank first at WVU.Quick-footed with outstanding balance.Good vision.Versatile-catches naturally and return kicks. Mentally tough.In 2010,was medically excluded from working out at the Combine because of ankle and fibula injuries.

DaJuan Morgan. DB. Runs the 40 in 4.54 seconds. Graduated from North Carolina State,in 2008. Marc Trestman was the offensive coordinator at NCS,in 2006.

Amongst the new players signed in this off-season,we have: 2 running backs,5 wide receivers,5 defensive linemen and 5 defensive backs. I presume that again,in 2012, we will dress 5 import receivers. On the defensive line, John Bowman,J.P. and Chimo may be the lone returnees from 2011. At least 2 new players in defensive backfield.

No new linebacker has been signed,yet. I expect at least 2 to be signed.


I am glad that Popp remains as GM- it appears he has been quite busy in attending to our need for a K/P return specialist and, more strength on defense.

Keep in mind that Bear Wood was added late last season and one of the american safety signed this year is probably being looked at as an outside linebacker.

I also like the new coach that were hired. Meyer,Reinebold and promoting Marcus add a mix of continuity and experience.

Having seen the guy with the bad haircut try to play MLB, I'd rather forget, actually. . .

I think you might be rushing to judgement a little but I understand where your coming from.

I hear you HfxTC; it might be premature to judge a guy on one game.

But man, was he brutal in that one game. . .

They never ran up the middle at him, they ran and passed the ball in the flanks the whole game and we couldn't stop it.

You guys are just jealous because of his haircut :smiley:

He was running around like a bear with his head cut off, but we have to realize he was thrown into the fire at the last minute.

Fans in Atlanta loved him for his efforts. We will find out in due time.

I’d like to see more of him with a “proper” defensive backfield in place.