Als sign RB/KR Noel Devine

Not sure if he was on Jim's neg list or if he was suggested by jeff Reinebold who seen him play penty for 3 years but if his head is screwed on right and he wants to be here. He could add a lot of spice to our offense.

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Hes from Avons alma mater - West Virginia - if that counts for anything.

Signing has been confirmed by the Als,along with 5 other imports. They are:

Stephan Neville.DB/KR.5.8,195.
Felton Huggins.WR. He was on Als practice roster in 2008.6.2,186.28.
Michael Montgomery.DE.Played 58 games in NFL,mainly with Green Bay.6.5,282. 28.
Dajuan Morgan.DB/S.Played 30 games in NFL,mainly with Kansas City."A physical safety with a nose for the ball" 26,6.0 and 203.
Duke Lemmens.DE.6.3,250.23.
Noel Devive.RB.5,8,180.23.

I don't expect free agents signings,except non0imports. DT and RB and maybe WR.


I know we have been somewhat fooled by an impressive youtube video of another player last year, but I think it is still worth checking out:

He reminds me of Darren Sproles.

Richard, what, if anything, do you know of Lemmens and Montgomery (other than the stats you just posted) ? Training camp fodder or possible successors to Anwar ?

Lemmens is younger but seems undersized for defensive end. Montgomery is 28, no spring chicken in football terms, but he's got a great frame at 6'5'' and 282 lbs. We need a physical stud rush end to play opposite Bowman, someone who has the speed to get around his blocks but also the raw strength to bull-rush his way to the quarterback when necessary. I don't think a 6'3'' 250 lbs. lineman is going to cut it.

He obviously has to prove he belongs, but this is the type of Thigpen/Hawkins change of pace back that was missing last year. I hope Trestman/Brady realize this and put together some packages for it.

Just to make sure I am reading correctly, someone who is 6'3" and 250 lbs is not going to cut it?

Tony…haven’t you learned yet.?
do not, repeat, do not question the guy who cannot handle it.

I have watched Devine live and he’s awesome…great signing if it comes to fruition. Perfect stereotypical CFL guy…with a few issues.

guess not. Just trying to get clarifcation.

be aware…be very aware…he’s classic. :roll:

John Bowman 6.3-250
Anwar Stewart 6.4-255
Lemmens is 6-3-250

Looks like he is a real hard worker and very determined young man.

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"He's a 250-pound guy on the edge and that really helped solidify some of the run lanes. He gives you a real stout guy at the edge of the defense to hold the edge of the defense but he also gives you some pass rush being a former defensive end. At that position, he'll blitz some, so we'll kind of get a two-for-one there." (10/7/10)

Teryl Austin, UF Defensive Coordinator/Cornerbacks Coach

“He’s a joy to coach. No one is having more fun and playing better on our defense than Duke Lemmens.? (9/21/10)

Dan McCarney, North Texas Head Coach and former UF Defensive Line Coach

“I just keep showing up every day. I bring my lunch pail to work and go wherever they tell me to go and it seems to have worked out so far.? (9/21/10)

Duke Lemmens, UF defensive end

“You want Duke Lemmens on the field. He’s high-energy, he brings a passion that every coach wants on the offense or the defense – around the team. He’s a captain.? (9/20/10)

Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"I love Duke. He plays football the way it is meant to be played. He plays hard, tenacious, goes every play. I'm really proud of Duke, he is a guy that hasn't had a lot of playing time here in the past, kind of a part-time guy. But now that he has had his opportunity, he is starting to take advantage of it. That's what you want, you want your older guys to play their best football." (9/13/10)

Teryl Austin, UF Defensive Coordinator/Cornerbacks Coach

"Duke definitely showed the country what he could do as a defensive end. He has been getting better every week since spring ball and he has to keep building on it and keep doing good things. He has a bright future ahead of him." (9/13/10)

Justin Trattou, UF defensive end

“There’s a bar set here at Florida for D-line and I’m just trying to live up to that. I don’t know what’s going to be happening. I just know that I’m going to go as hard as I can and I know the guys that were here last year are awesome and those are some big shoes to fill. I promise everyone that I’m going to work on and off the field to fill those shoes.? (8/17/10)

Duke Lemmens, UF defensive lineman

“We all love Duke. He’s a high-energy guy. He represents our program the way it’s supposed to be. If we had a face, that’s one of the faces.? (8/17/10)

Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

“Good things happen when he’s out there. His motor never stops, (and) he wants to take it to another level besides just being another guy off the bench.? (8/17/10)

Dan McCarney, North Texas Head Coach and former UF Defensive Line Coach

“Duke is a hard-nosed, hard-charging, very active football player. I think he is going to do well for us this season.? (8/10/10)

Teryl Austin, UF Defensive Coordinator/Cornerbacks Coach

“I know Duke Lemmens has been the most improved player on my defensive line. He’s always been a relentless guy, a good-effort guy. But he’s made more plays this spring than he probably has in his three-year career. He’s turned into a real guy.? (4/8/10)

Dan McCarney, North Texas Head Coach and former UF Defensive Line Coach

“It’s definitely a big concern with ours. I know Coach Mattison’s greatest thrill in life is watching the quarterback get sacked from one of his defensive linemen. It is something we are really addressing and working our tails off to get better. We got a little better in the Ole Miss game and from there we have to keep striding.?

Duke Lemmens, UF defensive lineman

“Duke’s 100 percent. He’s doing everything that we ask him to do. He’s got it all. He’s got speed. He’s got intelligence. He’s got great desire. He plays tremendously hard.?

Greg Mattison, former UF co-defensive coordinator

Another interesting thnk played HS ball with Jimmy Clausen and nine of them got Div 1 Scolarships ! Must have been a hell of a High School team.

True enough. I guess I just don't want another end getting washed out of every other play.

Lemmens is 6-3-250

Looks like he is a real hard worker and very determined young man.

[url=] ... pical.html[/url]

Look, man, college ball is college ball. Lots of stars there, lots of gaudy quotes, but how many of those college players have pro careers? I hope Lemmens makes it. It would be fantastic to have a 23-year-old end with six or seven years of prime playing time to give us. I hope he proves me wrong in camp. But I have some reservations about his ability to cut it in the CFL.

:lol: Sure, take your cue from that idiot Flag. Whatever. Maybe you can go back to telling me that Jim Popp is somehow doing the same thing as Eric Tillman because he released a player making $50,000. Don't let logic get in the way of your stupidity.

The rookies signed today have very good potential/credentials,at least based on information we have and/or their experience in the NFL.

We now have 76 players on the off-season roster; many of these players- Devine,Guy,Mims,Neville,Patterson,Slaughter and Thompson- were excellent punt and/or kick returners, at the college level. Stephan Neville,signed today,and only 21 years old-our youngest player-has had 11 career kick return touchdowns in four years. He is also a DB and tallied 164 tackles and 12 interceptions in four years. He comes from Stonehill College,a NCAA Div.II. Such a player can/would be two-fold; hence, he could be our KR and substitute at DB.

Defensive back DaJuan Morgan was a 2008 3rd round choice of Kansas City and played 30 games in the NFL,from 2008 to 2010.They say/said,about him: "a physical safety with a nose for the ball.Has good size and excellent athleticism.Reads plays and gets to the action. An energetic special-team tackler."After his graduation,in 2008, the summary from the scouts was: " Loaded with upside and has yet to scratch the surface. Has the size,speed,the thoughness and competitiveness to become a very good pro.Versatile and has lined up at CB and both safeties." Let's hope that he will be a member of the 2012 Als!

With regards to the two defensive linemen signed-Duke Lemmens and Michael Montgomery- they should enhance the competition.In the NFL,28 years old Montgomery was listed/played as DE and DT. We read,about him." Gets solid position against the runs. Has a quick first step and can beat blockers to the edge.A tall player with a big frame and long arms. Is a good pass defender. Not a refined,technically -sound pass rusher."He played 58 games in the NFL and started 8; 2008 was his best year. 14 games and 8 starts.59 tackles,16 assists and 2 sacks. I see him more as a DT in the CFL. Five and a half years
younger than Eric Wilson. As for Lemmens,at 6.3 and 253 he definitely has the size for a CFL DE. John Bowman is 6.3 and 250. Jermaine Mcelveen is 6.4 and 250 and Anwar Stewart was 6.4 and 255. I definitely think that he has a chance to make the team; I have more confidence in him than in Daunte Akra who is only 6.2 and 227. Lemmens is only 23 years old.

While there will be deletions in the coming months from this actual off-season roster,I don't expect too many more additions. There will definitely be 1 or 2 additions at QB,1 or 2 at DL,2 or 3 at LB and 2 or 3 at DB. These numbers exclude next May draft choices.

Jim Popp has brought good/interesting talent and it will be interesting in training camp.


Well as ppointed out by HFX, Bowman listed at 6'3" 250 lbs did a fine job.
Exaclty whatever. Just wanted to make sure I was reading your statement correctly D/P!

Well Tony. as the saying goes once burned, twice shy.
Anyway…6-3 250 certainly is not a barrier to being a rush end in the CFL if one is looking at size. Pretty easy to see that as you point out.
Not sure why dap has so much trouble with questions of his statements or differing opinions. He’s probably really a fun guy at a kitchen table debate. Or maybe the once burned , twice shy applies amongst his acquaintances. Who knows?

I’d just like to add my two cents to the posts re size needed for defensive ends. I believe Matthews was the coach when our team was struggling defensively and somehow it was perceived that our defensive ends were too small- Amwar S was one of the ends at the time. So, the coach brought two huge defensive ends from the NFL to replace our"small" guys. The NFL "big " ends did not last long and were sent packing as they were too ineffectual (I believe they lacked the required speed for the CF). Anwar retained his role as the best DE in the CFL.