Als sign QB John Skelton

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And release Alex Brink

Was just coming here to post this. Good move. Get a QB with a future in here, get rid of the dead wood. I don't know anything about Skelton beyond his bio, but he'll be better competition in training camp than Brink would have been...

What stood out is he's 6,5 260 pounds and that's not dough. That's a big Quarterback
He was a journeyman in the NFL for four season, played about 20 games I think and he's still young. If he has a live arm this could be good.

Skelton is a good-sized quarterback with a major league arm. The problem is that he does not know how to use his arm to his advantage. He tends to rely on arm strength alone, when throwing the ball and does not do a good job of getting his feet set under him when throwing from the pocket. He can throw on the move, but his accuracy suffers a lot. He will need a ton of work when it comes to reading NFL coverages and going through his progressions as he looks for the best target. Teams may get too enamored with his arm strength and overlook how much development it will take before he is ready to play.

STRENGTHS Skelton possesses prototypical height and bulk. Has excellent arm strength to make all the NFL throws. Generates great zip on the ball and can fit it into tight spots. Fluid athlete who avoids the rush and gains positive yards scrambling when receivers are covered.

WEAKNESSES Does not always set his feet when he throws, which results in a lot of errant passes. Overconfident in his arm strength and forces too many throws. Struggles reading coverage and does not show the ability to consistently find his second and third options. Played at the Division 1AA level and will have a steep learning curve.

Skelton is listed at 6'5" and a remarkable 258 pounds, which is roughly 57 pounds more than he weighed when he was a high school senior. That kind of weight growth is normal for a lineman or tight end, but certainly not for a quarterback. Obviously Skelton has been on some kind of weight training regiment to get him in prime NFL shape.

Despite all of the added weight, Skelton remains very mobile and active in the pocket. Upon watching film, he has excellent footwork in the pocket. He moves around very well and reads the pressure like an NFL quarterback needs to. The speed of the game increases in the NFL probably about 20 times as fast as it is in the Patriot League, but he appears to have the correct instincts to make it work.

Another thing I really liked was his quick release and arm strength, especially on deep throws. In the film available online, he hits deep out routes with relative ease, and has great touch on his deep ball. He doesn't put too much air under his passes, which is key at the next level in terms of the speed of the defensive backs.

The only thing that concerns me is a lack of pure dominance at a lower level of college competition. He has over 10,000 total yards in his time at Fordham, but players like Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy have demolished that mark against the top levels of competition. You wonder why Skelton has been unable to do that.

Regardless, if a lack of dominance is the only thing preventing this kid, he should be just fine. If he gets into the correct system at the next level, he could be a star two or three years down the road. He has the size and skills to make it at the next level, and he could be one to watch for on draft day.

Sounds like another Michael Bishop type.

Well look at it this way. It is an improvement over Alex Brink

Oh yeah, I didn't say it was bad! But he's 26 and has already played a comparatively high amount of pro ball. Not sure we can do much with him but he'll certainly be better than Brink...

If accuracy was the main problem, that might be alleviated playing in the CFL. If he can handle the short yardage game, it might also mean the Als plan to trade Marsh.

I really like the tempo of work going on this off season. This team will be ready to go at spring camp in Floriday this year. Should be a huge difference hitting the ground prepared !

Not just accuracy though. The report said he struggled reading coverage. That's the bigger issue.

As for short yardage, with his size, I would hope he could handle QB sneaks!

If he's a Bishop yes. If he's a White well ... :lol:

Pour ma part, le fait qu'un quart ait joué dans la NFL montre seulement qu'il a dépassé le niveau universitaire. Ça ne veut en aucun cas dire qu'il sera un bon quart dans la LCF.

À première vue, il semble être un genre de quart un peu comme Troy Smith. Bons instincts de base, mais ses lacunes sont dans ce qui s'apprend avec le travail.

Il va faire mieux que Brink? Possible, mais c'est à lui de le prouver.

Je crois que Popp ne cherche pas, voire même n'a pas cherché à amener Glenn à Montréal.

Wash your mouth out with soap for even MENTIONING that name! :lol:

Pour ma part, je n'ai jamais été un grand fan de Michael Bishop. Il avait trop la fâcheuse tendance à lancer une interception au pire moment pour son équipe, et s'en retourner sur les lignes de côté avec un large sourire après que ça se soit passé.

S'il est un autre Michael Bishop, autant continuer de chercher.

I was never a big fan of Bishop either, but the bar for QB has been set so low in Montreal that a second Bishop wouldn't necessarily be a downgrade...

Et on devrait se contenter de ça? J'aimerais mieux un autre Drew Willy qu'un autre Bishop.

Je pense que les attentes sont élevées mais qu'on laisse la chance au coureur tant qu'il s'améliore. S'il stagne, son séjour prendra fin.

Never said I'd be happy with a Bishop but you have to take what you can get. Maybe we'll find a Drew Willy, and maybe we won't. This is going to be a long, difficult process and it's an art, not a science.

Here's my prediction: Jonathan Crompton will not be our starter in 2016. I really hope I'm wrong, though.

2016 or 2015?


2016 or 2015?