Als sign QB Greg McGhee

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Likely to practice roster?

Here`s the story on McGhee when Wally released him:

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I`m going to feel better by deluding myself into thinking we traded a 1st round choice to BC for both Adams and McGhee. One of them has to make it!

And I`m trying to remember who our last lefty QB was. Anyone remember?

After Bridge was released, Popp's said he was going to sign a Practice Roster quarterback.

Make that Adams + McGhee + Fera for a #1.

-Adams would have been the #5 qb in BC's training camp.
-McGhee was down to #4 after he was beat out for #3 by Keith Price.
-Fera could not displace Richie Leone, another 2nd year kicker who is struggling.

Sheldon,presently I don't worry too much regarding the 1st round draft choice traded/given, in order to sign Vernon Adams Jr.. Let's wait and see what Adams can do; we may have to wait 1 or 2 years for the answer or before saying that it was a bad trade.


[i]Johnny has got your back Sheldon :smiley:

The last lefty QB with the Als was this guy:

Johnny was at McGill Stadium for the last game of the 2002 regular season against the Renegades. The Als had locked up first place so AC did not play. Tavares Bolden started and got injured in the first quarter. Lytle came in and played the whole game.

He was pretty much looking for Jeremaine Copeland on every play! We lost...


AGH a Tavares Bolden reference! :o :lol: Next thing you know we'll be mentioning the other backup QB of that time period. You know, edtay Hiteway...

Thanks Johnny. Never would have thought of him, but remember him now. A.C. sure had alot of backups.

The Alouettes also had Eric Kresser in 2002. Johnny thinks he was actually the second stringer in the 2002 Grey Cup game victory.

Yup, and how do you think Johnny feels?! Johnny bought the best tickets in the house. For his money, he got to see Tavares Bolden and Matt Lytle play QB, while AC spent the game wearing a long overcoat over his uniform on the sidelines... :frowning:

Fans should get 50% of their money back after a game like that.

El Roberson!

Quincy Carter!

Another southpaw QB was Tyler Palko who was briefly with the Als in 2009 before I believe Popp released him so he could join the Steelers.

Im probably going to mangle a finger doing this, but with the help of Intergoogle, here is a list of A.C.s backups from 2000-2013. And there were of course others like Quincy Carter who never made it past training camp.

Jamie Barnette
Dan Gonzalez
Stanley Jackson
Tavares Bolden
Eric Kresser
Matt Lytle
Ted White
Ell Roberson
Marcus Brady
Nealon Greene
Jesse Palmer
Brad Banks
Jason Maas
Mike McMahon
Will Proctor
Chris Leak
Adrian McPherson
Ricky Santos
Tyler Palko
Josh Neiswander
Jordan Jefferson
Troy Smith

Good lord, that's a murderer's row of suckage. :lol:

I thought Jesse Palmer made the Als but, without any playing time he soon decided to leave the team. AC was QB at this time and, no other QB was given any playing time. The Renegades wanted him to play QB but his salary demands were excessive. The US media welcomed Jesse and, he was involved in a TV series wherein The American beauties vied for the option of dating this bachelor.

[quote author="Johnny Ticat slayer"]

The Alouettes also had Eric Kresser in 2002. Johnny thinks he was actually the second stringer in the 2002 Grey Cup game victory.[/i]

Oh yes, Eric Kresser - another good QB from Marshall University after playing three years at Florida. He set the Herd world afire with the help of a wide receiver named Moss.

From Wiki:

After transferring to Marshall University for his senior year, he became the starting quarterback for coach Bob Pruett's Marshall Thundering Herd football team and led them to the NCAA Division I-AA National Championship in 1996. As a member of the Herd, Kresser threw for 35 touchdowns and over 3,400 yards, while winning the Southern Conference championship and compiling a perfect 15–0 record. Marshall defeated the Montana Grizzlies 49–29 in the Division I-AA championship game.