Als sign QB Dominique Davis, release Matthew Shiltz

Jones dressed Patterson as Harris backup.
Shiltz was not dressed.


Schiltz was injured and could not play.

He was good to go.
Jones opted for Patterson.

Pretty much what we've discussed all post-season . . . even when the season was winding down.
Bombers are 1 substantial injury away - going from a potential 13-5, 14-4 team to a mope-infested 6-12 or 7-11 outfit if Zach goes down. All they have is uniform-fillers, no real experience or winning zzest.

I thought Montreal grabbed Davis as he's slightly more complimentary to their existing #1 boy. . . . Schlitz is quite different which means adjusting your offense whenever your starter goes down.
I wouldn't take Davis for $10k a year, to be sure. Not a whole lot better than our existing uniform-fillers. Just not enough upgrade for a contract rumored in the $110k-$124k zone.

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Perhaps Coach Khari can help the woeful but athletic Dom Davis salvage his career?

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Shiltz and Davis are QBs with very different skill sets, but both have some nearly identical career paths. Both have been in the league for several years, both have flirted with a starting role (Davis a bit more), neither has stepped up and seized the opportunity become a bonafide starter.

No, I don't consider Shiltz' starts this season as legitimate starter material. Sure, he beat Ottawa (the worst team in the league) with ONE TD pass that should have been picked off, but saved by a heroic catch.

The question is, how much MORE time do CFL teams want to invest in these two rather than scouting out and giving a chance to the next Maier or Rourke?

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They are not.

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Okay. Just disregard everything I said on the matter. Viva La Davis!!! :partying_face:

Maybe if he was a universite de Montreal person. We can only signj people from there. And Shiltz is better

There's always a chance that Vernon Adams stays healthy all season. Davis is a good short yardage option (just trying to be optimistic).

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Confucius say - "Never trust man with name of girl" (see also: Christine Michael)

Davis is like the second coming of Steven Jyles...and seeing Jyles the first time around was bad enough.

You can imagine whoever ultimately approved the signing having their excuses already prepared for the following conversation:

"Seriously, Dom Davis???"

"But he's 'athletic' and 'mobile' and..."

"Yes, but can he pass?"

"He has great escapability and can extend plays and..."

"Yes, but can he pass?"

"He's fantastic at plowing forward for that vital yard on 3rd & 1"

"So is our 340lb fullback whose eating prowess at team meals and functions is legendary. Plus we pay him a hell of a lot less than a quarterback. Can he pass?"

"He gives a real spark and exciting jolt to our offence"

"I'll talk slower as you don't seem to understand. "Can......he......pass.....the.....ball?"

"He's a dual-threat QB. His passing needs some work for sure, but..."

So he's not dual-threat, if his passing game is rubbish then he's one-and-a-quarter threat. Or did you mean "dual threat" as in, he can run and throw interceptions?"

"He only wants C$70,000"

"If that's true then I guess we can fit him in....but seriously...Dom Davis???"


Trust me. Nobody will ask if he can pass. :grin:

ANYONE can be a good short yardage option.

Anyone big who is NOT the starting QB can do it. We had Streveler 'The Leveler' who was about the same size and weight as Collaros. One played 'bigger' than the other.

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Streveler was at least 6'1" and tipped in at around 220.
Zorro (Collaros) is a tad under 6'0", in really good shape and around 195-200.

Both men can run the ball but Streveler has proven his running skills by bowling over some quality CFL linebackers during his 2 yr stint in Wpg. He's also an easy 4.4/4.5/40 speedster who's a tad reckless cuz he hasn't yet been concussed. Zorro can run like the dickens when he steps out of the pocket but he's no longer interested in facing tacklers directly, Zorro maybe a 4.8 to 4.95 40.

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Streveler famously ran a 4.2 40 in college, although I doubt he could now. Interestingly he made his CFL running reputation by bowling over defenders, as you say, rather than with his speed. With that combination it would be hard to think of a CFL running QB that was harder to stop than him.

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I do think The Streveler used his incredible speed once he bowled over the initial tackler, using it to get YAB Yardage, aka Yards after Bowling.


Here's a link to the Bombers 2019 roster:

Collaros was listed as 6'0" and 219 lbs
Streveller was listed as 6'0" and 211 lbs
McGuire was listed as 6'0" and 218 lbs

You're welcome. :smiley: