Als Sign Porter

According to Sara Orlesky's twitter account, the Als have signed Porter to a three year deal. They have also signed AB3 to a three year contract.

Good choice for QP. Understudying Anthony Calvillo, with the opportunity to compete to take over the reins in a year or two, is about as good a situation as a guy can hope for. I wish him well.

Good to see that AB3 had landed somewhere, I always liked this guy when he was with us and I hope he fits in and does well. As far as QP is concerned, I thought he got a raw deal here but, water under the bridge. I wonder where he will fit in with McPherson and Garcia. With a three year deal, they must be expecting something good to come of it.

Adrian won’t be here. I expect he will be in Edmonton, Saskatchewan or with you guys.

I had a nice chat with Arland at the Grey Cup and he told me he would like to come back East if the opportunity presented itself. He said he was healthy and enjoyed his time out West but would like to come back.

I wish him all the best!

I too think that QP may have a better opportunity to play in Montreal...but when given the chance...he better produce because otherwise I doubt he will be able to "warm the bench" for 3 years. :wink:

What next? Bellefeuille as HC?

You think Jim Popp would hire Bellefeuille as a HC after what happened when Jim was HC? :lol:

So if his reason for leaving is that he wants to be a starter, why is he now with Montreal? Did Popp whisper in his ear that Calvillo will make a surprise retirement announcement because of Trestman's departure, or is Porter counting on Calvillo getting hurt again this year? Or did Porter just want out of Hamilton, even if it's to be a backup somewhere else?

Cats fans can correct me here, but didn't the team release Porter? Or did he ask for his release?

Porter ask for and was granted his release

He wanted out

A fresh start, a fair shot, a future somewhere that he will not be cast as a never was and a never will be by a large number of the fans.

Many of the arm chair coaches felt he’d had his shot here in Hamilton, a fair and square shot that many say he did not take advantage of, its been stated so many times that he would amount to nothing, now we wonder why he wanted out of Hamilton?

IMO there were way to many other factors at play over his 5 years as a TiCat. I believe that had we never signed Kevin Glenn and we had grown with Porter though thick and thin we’d have been a better team or at worse equal to what we have been, to many times the TiCats apply the quick fixes while disregarding the long term gains.

What QB wouldn’t want a year under the wing of one of the best QB’s to ever play the game.

Interesting. I suppose from the standpoint of age alone, he's more likely to replace the 40-year-old Calvillo than the 37-year-old Burris, but really, with the way AC's going he could play for another 2-3 years, same as Burris (who has, I believe, explicitly stated that he won't be playing past 40).

AC didn't miss one game because of injury last year. :?

If your going to be a backup, might s well be a backup to a 41 year old... Montreal to Boston is a short flight too.

Also his biggest ally was Obilovich who is now out of the picture. Mcpherson is a better option behind Burris anyway and Porter a better match for Burris.

Just like JP Bekasiak, Porter will be coached up. When is the brain trust going to realize you need to develop talent.

Good points re: Obie and staying close to Boston. Regarding injury: Even though Calvillo didn't miss any starts last year, he did have an ongoing shoulder injury and had to be taken out of a game at least once. It also generally appeared he was "feeling the hits more" last year. And on a larger scale, Calvillo has missed games in 3 of the last 6 seasons. Of course with the well-publicized lifestyle changes Calvillo made even before he and his wife's respective cancer battles, he's still probably fitter than most 30 year olds...

Well, like all signings, it's a gamble. No way I'm going to predict that Porter turns into a starter in Montreal. I've seen too many can't-miss QB prospects turnstile through this league to be that confident. But according to Popp, Porter had been on the Als' radar for a while, so obviously Montreal sees something in him. But everything hinges on the new HC, and to some extent, the QB coach. Can't work up talent without the right coaches...

I think you mean "Porter a better match for Calvillo."

Yes! Thank you.


....for you Ticat historians, when was the last time this club identified, scouted, signed and then developed their own starting quarterback.