Al's sign NFL Vet QB

The Al's signed Arizona Cardinals QB John Skelton see link on story below.

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This will give the Al's at least four competing for the top job in Montreal with Compton, LeFevour, Marsh, now Skelton and a good rebuilt list of receivers to throw to.

You must have missed it, BIGCAT, when that "BigAL" (He's over 6'5" and around 240 lbs) signed with MTL 10 weeks ago.

I have to hand it to Jim Popp, he has the knack to find talent. Is this guy a camp arm or another washed up QB like Shawn King who attempted a comeback with the Tiger Cats. Time will tell...................

He's come in with the right attitude. Will the Als be willing to invest in him for a year or two ???

Popp's success rate lately in finding quarterbacking talent has not been that great.

I have my doubts that this find will be any better.

For a while he had Calvillo and it was hard to attract anyone else, because there was little cap room and opportunity for a new QB. I don't understand what happened with Troy Smith, who looked so good and then so bad. But not very many teams have brought in a QB who has made an impact in the first year.