Als Sign NFL free agent Receiver

The Als signed another big Import REC in former Dolphins robert Wallace. After 2 season with the dolphins 2010 and 2011 he was realeased at final cuts in 2012 and the same this season with Tennesse.
With Messam now starting at RB and Lubala backing him up that gives the ALS a ratio spot at RB to go along with 4 Olineman or 5 if they go with Matte for Ola. Two on defense at MLB and Safety.
With Lavoi starting as a TE to go with the 4 import rec in Green, London, Bruce and Carter. When they go 5 wide they could actually play 5 imports in that set.
With Bruce, Green, and Carter playing the SB spots Wallace lining up opposite London at WR would be a much easier transition as a stationalry WR.
Right now Bamba and Hybrid Carrier are the two back up receivers on the roster with Deslaures as the 5th rec in 5 rec sets.
I think at one point last year Calgary was able to play 5 import receivers due to injuries to key Canadians and the luxuray of having Cornish and Walter as the #1 and #2 RBs.
Marsh had gone to Richarson a lot and since Carter has gotten into the line up he has also received a lot of chances.
Wallace 6'4" and 225 is another big strong receiver that Marsh appears to favor.
Of course Bruce also gets his share but I am not sure but it does not seem like London has been as effective with Marsh.
Even the taller Deslaures had a career game with Marsh at the healm.

The way Brandon London has been playing all year. At this point I would try anything.

WR Kenny Stafford, Duron Carter`s cousin, who was cut by the Als and Dolphins earlier this summer, will be starting for the Stampeders tonight.

Ses entraîneurs à Miami ont souligné publiquement (et sans élégance) qu'il a les pieds dans le ciment.

On verra ce qu'il peut donner, mais à prime abord, ça semble un autre Dallas Baker.