Als sign Ike Charlton

Interesting signing. Obviously he's not going to displace Cox, but he can also play defensive back. I'm glad to see Popp addressing a deficit at DB in terms of depth.

Cox devient agent libre cette année, je crois. Le fait d’avoir Charlton en réserve donne une solution de rechange. Au pire, Charlton peut permettre une combinaison possible pour combler les difficultés de Dix.

That's what popped into my mind too. After a rough start, Dix has actually done a pretty good job this season, but watching Carr beat him for a TD through pure size and strength last week made me wish we had a bigger body at his position, someone who can contest jump balls on corners, posts, and fades and have a good chance of winning those one-on-one battles.

My thought exactly when Dix supplied excellent coverage but still lost the battle beause he's smaller. I like Dix's play this year and see him remaining at corner. There is always a David around to beat Goliathe at least some of the time.