Als sign Holness

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A NI DB and he's actually not a smurf (5'11''). He'll likely be just a special teams body, but still, good depth signing.

Given that we already have 5 non-import DB,including 4 safeties, I am a bit surprised that we would/have signed him; furthermore, he was hurt for most of the last 2 seasons. I know that Matthieu Proulx has not played a full season,due to injuries, for quite some time and it may explain this signing; also, Goldsby and Wright were injured in 2009 and may not be 100% recovered.

If this signing is confirmed, our non-import off-season roster would be at:35;- BC,Calgary and Winnipeg have respectively 24,25 and 25- assuming that 2009 draft choices Matt Singer-Guard- and Nickolas Morin-Soucy-DE- are invited/re-signed plus the 2010 non-imports to be drafted on May 2,2010, the total of non-imports at this year training camp will be no less than 40, unless a few are released before, which won't surprise me.We may have 20 to 25 quality non-imports, but the remainder are "so" and "so". We may find a "diamond"; let's hope.

In the next month or so I don't expect more non-import signings,except our draft choices of 2009 and 2010; as far as imports are concerned, we have to sign -probably done but not announced- 1 or 2 running backs, 1 or 2 receivers, no less than 2 and as much as 3 defensive backs, 1 to 2 defensive tackles and maybe 1 more QB.


Regarding my previous post/comments: Non-import number shall read 34 rather than 35.


No sign of Holness,yet, but on today's off-season roster there is an addition of a RB,i.e. Corey Council, 5.11 170, 23 years old and from Bethune-Cookman.


Looks like a guy trying out as a returner...

Exactly. His main stats are for punt and kick returns. Another one who could replace Larry Taylor.

In 2006, 6 punt returns for 53 for yards;longest 21 yads. 31 kick returns for 659 yards; longest 69 yards.

In 2007, 19 punt returns for 221 yards; longest 42. 23 kick returns for 613 yards; longest 98 yards. 2 TDs

He played in 2008, but I don't have these stats. He also carried and received the ball; he also played defensively in 1 game, in 2007; 1 interception returned 85 yards and a TD.


In the last hour, the names of Guillaume Allard-Cameus-NI,RB- and Neil Puffer -NI,DE- have been removed for the Als off-season roster. During the off-season, the Als do not announce when a player is released.

We are now at 69 players,i.e. 38 imports and 31 non-imports.

Will the signings Holness and Council be confirmed soon?


Was he or wasn't he signed? He's still not listed on the Als roster and at is listed as FA.

Holness has finally been confirmed by the Als and added to the off-season roster; furthermore,they have announced the signing of Pat MacDonald, non-import DL and Long snapper, who played with Calgary and Winnipeg; he recently tried with Seattle but was released on May 3,2010. Excluding Chima Iheywoaba, we now have 17 defensive linemen on roster.-10 I and 7 NI- I will be surprised if some are not cut/released before training camp.

To make room for these 2 players,Eric Lee,non-import RB and Marco Thomas,import WR,were released.


In the last hour, Chad Owens,Import WR, was released/excluded from the off-season roster.

The defensive linemen,excluding Chima Ihekwoaba and including Justin Cobb-listed as DE- amount to 18,10 Imports and 8 Non-imports.


I was kind of looking forward to seeing what Owens could do, both as a Haskins type slot and as a returner. He seemed to be a pretty exciting type from the 1 game he played in. Could he be headed to the NFL?
Also, aren`t we starting to get a little thin at receiver, but I guess we should trust Mr. Popp having some prospects in the pipeline.

Except the 2 canadian players that each CFL team can protect,after the draft, I don't expect the Als to sign any other non-import. Amongst these 2 protected player, I foresee at least 1 WR/SB.

As for Imports, I definitely foresee some signings,particularly at WR/SB. To me,the Als will sign no less than 2 WR/SB and as much as 4. I also expect the signings of no less than 2 DB and as much as 3. These are the 2 areas where we need more players,at least for training camp.

If these signings occur,-Imports- we/the Als will have to reduce the current off-season roster; presently, we can sign only 1 player -excluding protected canadians- without reducing the roster; any additional signing will translate into an identical reduction. The area where we should foresee reductions is mainly in DL.


Here are a few numbers/"comparaisons".

At the beginning of the 2009 training camp,compared with May 10,2010,as per latest off-season roster:

We had 15 WR/SB; we how have 10.
We had 15 DL; we now have 18,excluding Ihekwoaba and including Justin Conn,listed as DE; he is more a LB.
We had 12 LB; we now have 11,excluding Dublanko. 12 if we add Conn.
We had 17 DB; we now have 14.

Based on these numbers, we can definitely say that a few more WR/SB and DB will be signed or have been signed but not made official,yet.


Chad Owens-WR/RS- has been re-added to the off-season roster.


Very good to hear we still have Owens. I think we are going to hear from him, particularly if Hawkins is not fully recovered from his injury to start the season.

I just want to know what Jim Popp’s fetish with long snappers is :?

He's added 1 more.-Reed Anderson- Also a FB/LB. We now have at least 5. Why so many? OK if they play/good at other position.