Als sign four player Boulay, Legare ,Brown, Wells

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Two draft picks signed and ready for camp and an import Dl and one cornerback.

Comme c'est curieux. J'écrivais justement ce matin que la relève des Alouette dans le champ arrière ne comptait aucun joueur de 6' ou plus sauf Townsend.

Je suppose que Brown est un projet à long terme. Mais c'est une bonne chose de chercher de nouveaux prospects, car pour l'instant, Bowman est la seule valeur sûre de notre ligne défensive.

Cody Brown was a 2nd round draft pick by Arizona in the NFL, where he was released after only one year!, then went to the Jets and Lions practice roster. Last season was at the Stamps training camp and cut by Claybrooks after only nine days ! Looks the part but has not been able to make it in both leagues.

Brown was a 2009 Arizona 2nd round draft choice, suffered a dislocated wrist, and has bounced around the NFL without ever starting a down. At one point claimed by Lions from Jets but never reported.

He signed with Calgary in Feb. 2012 but never reported to training camp even though it was reported he was cut.

Let`s hope he shows at Lennoxville.

Maybe he had a passport issue. Well at least he wasn't cut by Calgary.

Coach Miller was with the Cards when they drafted him, maybe that helped convincing him to come to camp with Montreal ???

That could very well be. Not often you see 2nd round choice up here so it arouses curiosity.

And Miller was a Dline coach in College so he may have taken an interest in him in Arizona. Here is an interview coach Miller gave this weekend to his home town paper. The man is humble and seems to have gotten off to a good foot with Hawkins.

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Here is anothe interesting one with Coach Speckman, interesting how he credits his handicap for out of the box thinking.
Hard to understand how all these interviews are in American papers and website while our local media sits on their hands and all cover the same lame press Habs conferences.

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Thanks for posting these.

Im sure once the season starts well be hearing more on Coach Speckman, if not here then certainly around the league.

he was a DE at UCONN but as often done moved to LB in the NFL. I think maybe we take for granted that it is an easy move but maybe not so easy for everyone. In the CFL he could be moved back to DE possibly.

I’m glad to share with you guys Sheldon.

This morning it is Dan Hawkins who gets the visit from Brian Williams of TSN. (Still no Herb or Bujold, they are too busy to follow the Alouettes).

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Absolutely pitiful that the Gazette is doing squat with the Als in May of a year when we have a brand-new coaching staff and a lot of positive energy around the team.

I'm sure Brian Williams enjoyed the weather in Idaho. That's a winner. See in the video that he saw a good feel good story about an American discovering the CFL and Canada and he went after it. Our local losers just like to complain and claim its not worth it or that the Als don't have the follwoing, choosing the low hanging fruit or their obscure passions. That's why Williams is top of the food chain and others just bottom feeders looking for a quick headline when things are a little rough.

Exactly. Herb is good at what he does, but it's a limited skill set and the local media in general are just awful.

Ça pue trop.

Tells you something when the #1Sports media personality in the country is producing a feature interview in the US but your local beat guys can't find something to build an article around even once a week. I think they don't understand yet that in this day and age a media guy has to develop his own fan base. Young guys like Moe Khan and Drew Edwards get it. They've seen the writing on the wall and understand that they have to go the extra mile to establish themselves but these old hacks are probably sitting on a bulletproof union contract and doing the minimum they can to collect their paycheck. Hoping their employer manages to survive till their retirement.

Here is a great example. Our loveable loser Herb Zurkowsky who hasn't got the time to follow the Als takes the time with Chicago reporters to pretend he's an expert on Trestman. Got to read to believe ! :lol:

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Cmon guys dont you prefer reading 3 stories a day on Canadiens goalie Scary Spice, rather than one on Mark Speckman!?

Don`t want to defend the Gazette, but with the Canadiens eliminated and the Als starting training camp, I expect to see Herb start writing on a daily basis.

As for Herb himself, its a job to him, no more no less. Hes become quite cynical, probably counting the days to his retirement package. But he`s great at the human interest stories and the only Montreal English football reporter.

On the other hand you have Drew Edwards who writes, blogs, tweets, photographs, but is almost an extension of the Tiger-Cats PR dept. He`ll never say anything negative about the Tiger-Cats, hands off to Steve Milton for those type stories.

Seven weeks since his last blog entry...He's not a football reporter.