Al's Sign Ex-Al's

According to the Montreal web site the Al's have signed former Rider, Ti-Cat and Al's Defensive Lineman Jermaine McElveen to a new deal, also the Al's signed Diamond Ferri from the Riders another ex-Al's player.

The Riders must feel a little depleted lately with all the departures?

I sure hope that the Rider's enjoyed their once in a lifetime "bought" and paid for Grey Cup in front of the hometown fans last year,cause IMO they will be hard pressed to repeat as Champions,let alone get back to the Big game this year.Let's see what the "coach of the year" :roll: does when he's driving that sports car this year with all those missing parts on it. :smiley: :slight_smile:

If anyone still has ANY doubts that the SMS was enforced last year. The Riders dismantling their roster should be enough proof that it wasn't. And no wonder the league is not releasing numbers. I know for myself I'd have a real hard time looking at the CFL the same way again as it would amount to fixing the game.

The league will not be releasing 2013 SMS figures?

…not even publicly disclosing which team(s) went over the Cap?

Cohon says everything is cool !

....IF this is true, 'credibility and honesty ' 'in the CFL has taken a big hit...What is the reasoning behind NOT releasing the figures???? :roll:

I don't think the CFL intended to rig the 2013 season but teams wanted flexibility to add players to their rosters to deal with Ottawa coming into the league and I would not be surprised if the league agreed that the SMS would not be inforced. Its obvious to me Saskatchewan used that to buy themselves a championship. The end result is still what it is... :thdn:

I guess we’ll see if the conspiracy theories hold for the CFL. Last year “the bought Grey Cup for the home town Green Riders”. 2012 the year of the Ricky Bobby trade from the Eskimos for a used jock strap in time for the 100th Grey Cup in the Sky Dump. If BC starts piling on the players this year (Grey Cup in BC) we’ll definitely see a trend developing. :cry:

No hit, because the CFL has never released salary figures. They have only released the amount of the overage and the fine if a team is over the cap. Yes, the credibility is not great but it hasn't taken a "big hit" because the credibility and transparency of the SMS has never been great and hasn't changed in terms of disclosure since it was introduced.