Als Sign DT Keith Shologan

He didn`t have his best season last year with the Bombers, but he is a veteran who will certainly help with the ratio.

Will this affect Alan Michael Cash`s status?

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…My humble opinion is that Sholo is firstly ‘cap friendly’ but his best years have come and gone…We paid him too much last year for what we received…So idealheldon is on to something…Who goes on the Als. roster?? I know we have any eye on a couple … :wink:

Cash to replace Euclid Cummings? Cash is very underrated, question is do the Als want to go National at DT so they can go International at OT.

Not sure you need DE Knapton, and Im sure youll be bidding on Venable but will have lots of competition.

Shologan signed with the Als only one day after being released by the Bombers. His agent is Darren Gill, who is also Foucault`s agent.

Hopefully this wins Kavis Reed some points.

Remember what I wrote last year about releasing Vaughn Martin... :roll:

Not an inspiring signing. Shologan's best days are behind him. Depth pickup and nothing more.

Well as of today you have Shologan and Joseph as our interior Dline.

.......possibly Cash...although you guys are pretty high on him...I like Knapton myself...he's my kind of player and certainly has more moxy than Cummings, who we were disappointed in...Came in with a lot of fanfare and put on a sombrero...Venable would be a nice addition...If I were Walters these guys would be on my list :wink:

You guys don't have any more money than the Als do.

Actually the reason Shologan signed so quickly with the Als was that he realized we have no d-line coach. He figured I can do whatever I want!

Or a Durant connection. I mean there is nothing wrong with Shologan per say. He's a class act and works hard and probably means we've been unable to extend Klassen who we probably will lose to one of the Alberta teams.

One guy to watch for is Andy Fantuz, do the Als add another senior citizen to their group of receivers ?

List of guys that could fit our needs from other teams unsigned players.

Fantuz,Getzlaf, Williams, Jackson, Ellingson,Tolliver

.....Clearing the books and unloading guys like Shologan says different...I'd say we have enough to make some serious plays for some quality fa's....We shall see

Joseph est listé comme ailier défensif, un changement qui s'est opéré en même temps que le renouvellement de son contrat.

So when the Als cut Perrett its a cap move to pay for Durant but when the Bombers cut Shologan to pay for Nichols its to make a serious play ?

Ok Papa go with that. :lol:

I don't trust that Als website one bit.

So sick of this team finding ways to frustrate and disappoint like 6 months before the season even starts. :thdn:

So now we are picking up old clunkers on the cheap? No disrespect meant to Shologan, but Reed is now plugging holes with players who come cheap and bring little to the table. :roll:

Well, our D just got stronger.

If Woods and Bowman stay healthy and have a good season, we will have a pass rush.

Not impressed with the coaching staff, but who knows?

Great great Canadian pick-up. At least a very good depth guy with very possible starter upside.

You`re also a depth guy - Slant, Jamie, Hopper.

Youre not an Als fan, you dont like us posters, can`t understand why you keep trolling here.