Als sign Cobb


MadJack/Rod Black...who knows? :wink:

If Cobb gets blocking he will be good, Cobb will follow his blocks _ to his own endzone, if they went there!

Can Avon improvise on the run? That is what the Ticats are looking for IMO.

D and P: I noticed your statement that " the job was Jerrett Paytons to lose in 2008". This is interesting in that Payton was tailback in 07 and, Cobourne joined the Als in 2006 but, did not get to own the position until 2008. All I rembember about Payton was that he was prone to fumble somewhat and, was injured. It is amazing to me that Cobourne was mainly on special teams in 06 and 07 but, when given the opportunity in 2008 established himself as a super running back. I find it interesting that his excellence was not noted until 2008. It shows that the guys that ran the team in 06 and 07 messed up and, in looking back, Cobourne should have been the RB in 06 and 08 knowing now what a great back he is.

Cobb had some issues last year but still ran for 1,000 yards. It wouldn't surprise me if he gets cut at camp or if he tears up the league on a well coached, well QB'd team.

Anything inbetween would surprise me.

I'm glad that Cobb was signed. He's an exciting player on a good day.

Edwards was a very good back for us in 2006, and Payton was a bruising runner for us in 2007. But I agree with you about people misidentifying Cobourne. Strasser didn't think enough of him in 2006, so he wound up returning kicks; Bellefeuille went with Payton in 2007, so Avon became a freakin' linebacker. That said, I believe Trestman's arrival signaled a change in our philosophy as far as RB body types. Both Edwards and Payton were power backs. Cobourne is more of a Brian Westbrook-type scatback who is a much better fit in a West Coast Trestman offense. Will he be just as good a fit in Hamilton's offense? Only time will tell, I guess...

I'm not really sure if it was Cobb who had issues or whether it was Gibson using him differently in 2010 than he did in 2009. Cobb's rushing touches were a little up in 2010 (227 in 2010 compared to 216 in 2009) but the number of receptions he had was quite a bit lower (38 receptions in 2010 compared to 60 in 2009). Cobb's and Cobourne's stats for 2009 and 2010 combined are quite similar.

Combined 2009 & 2010 numbers:

Rushing: 443 carries for 2,390 yards - 13 TDs - 9 fumbles
Receiving: 98 receptions for 876 yards - 5 TDs
Total: 541 touches for 3,266 yards - 18 TDs - 9 fumbles

Rushing: 408 carries for 2,170 yards - 19 TDs - 7 fumbles
Receiving: 120 receptions for 1,014 yards - 3 TDs
Total: 528 touches for 3,184 yards - 21 TDs - 7 fumbles

Cobb only has two years starting in pro ball too, so he does not have the wear and tear of his age. I think he has a real shot at winning the job. All the running backs coming to camp are very different skill sets but if he can block Cobb may be the most versatile of the bunch.

But it might not be all on Gibson. Glenn could also have been going to other reads more frequently than the checkdown to the running back.

Actually, it was probably the same number of rushing touches. Considering there's only a difference of 11 and he played in 18 games compared to 17 in 09'

I'll gladly take 6 more TD's on 35 less carries.

Maybe it has to do with the five to seven guys in front of you taking the hits to make a hole or maybe playcalling around the end zone ? Some people's children are so simple.

You should check out the touchdown stats of our Backup QB LOL !

Iโ€™m a bit puzzled as to why some members are so eager to make everything black and white (Cobourne did everything himself, Cobb is nothing with his O-line, etc.). Cobourne is a wonderful player, and Iโ€™d never take that away from him, but he also played on an elite team with a great O-line and IMO one of the best coaches in the game (Trestman) calling the plays and one of the brightest offensive minds in the league (Milanovich) in charge of the running game. I remember a lot of Cobourne TDs from the one-yard line after Calvillo had driven the offense all the way down the field and worn down the defensive front. Similarly, those who want to pin the blame solely on Cobb for Hamiltonโ€™s rushing woes last year should remember those terrible one-back sets on second or third and short that called for a receiver to lead-block a 250-pound lineman. And the predictability of patterns: draw on first down, pass on second down; lather, rinse, repeat. And the unwillingness to use Cobb and Thigpen on screens and flares. Was Cobb partly to blame? Sure he was. At times he looked tentative hitting the LOS and wasnโ€™t enough of a north-south runner to be effective. But he still piled up over 1000 yards โ€“ he must have been doing something right.

I agree that Cobb is a no risk pick-up who could have a HUGE upside for Montreal.

That total is a little skewed though IMO. I was going to put an astericks next to it to point out that 13 of those 19 TDs were in 2009. Cobourne's TD total dropped a lot in 2010.

Nice post couldn't agree more, many Hamitlton fans are notorious for beating up on their players, par for the course...


i agree. a running backs success especially on short yardage situations. 2nd and 2 3rd and 1 has alot to do with the hogs infront of him, u put cobb behind that montreal oline and he might do some damage. Dudes talented no doubt...but he has to win the job first and personally im pulling for my boy yvenson bernard to win that job.

The offensive line isn't going to open a nice hole on every down, especially in short yardage situations when every one in the stadium knows you're going to pound the ball up the middle. I think what makes a runningback elite is the ability to break tackles and gain 3 or 4 yards when the offensive line doesn't open a gaping hole. Cobb couldn't even break even in those situations, it was a 2 yard loss instead. I remember a game at Ivor Wynne this year against Saskatchewan, it was 2nd and 10 in the 4th quarter of a close game. The pass went to Cobb and one defender stood between him and the first down marker. What did Cobb do? He casually ran out of bounds just before the marker, as opposed to fighting that extra yard for the first down. What kind of running back does that?

You're memory is off. I just looked at the stats for that game and Cobb only had one catch in the 4th quarter and he fumbled. Hamilton lost the challenge that Cobb was down by contact and the Riders were awarded the ball.