Als sign Cobb

I lol'd when I saw this.

well I dunno about either signings.

Jones and Cobb both in Montreal..

I think Cobb is there just for challenging their true starter.

Jones, well I dunno about this signing.

Do these guys have an NFL cap or something?I'm confused as to how they can add former starters from other teams no problem to be their 2nd 3rd and 4th stringers yet most teams can barely afford a first line :lol:

Signed doesn't mean they will for sure get through camp.

I Have always liked jones ever since he was on Edmonton and ran down a mugger.

Who exactly is Montreal's true starter? Seems to me Cobb's chances are just as good as anyone else the Als have brought in to replace Cobourne.

As for Jones, from what I heard he signed for $50,000 (none of it guaranteed) so that's not much of a cap hit.

With the exception of signing bonus, no one is a CAP hit till the first game of the season. There is room for two import running backs on the Als squad so 6 of the 8 will be cut. Jones comes in to fight with John Bank again both those guys make similar money. Jim Popp is bringing as much talent to camp as he can and the coaching staff takes over from there, once shuffling and final cuts are proposed it goes back to Jim and the other guys to try and fit the coaching staff's wish list.

Been working well so far :slight_smile:

The contracts aren't guaranteed, and there are no signing bonuses. So like Hfx said, there is no cap hit until the first game of the season, by which point the rosters will be pared down considerably to get under the cap. Popp is doing what all good GMs do: bring as much quality talent as possible into training camp so that the coaches can give the best person the job.

Blue Blood is correct in noting that we have no true starter. The job is Whitaker's to lose, but the job was also Jarrett Payton's to lose in 2008 and he lost the starting job to one Avon Cobourne. :slight_smile:

Anyway Cobb still managed to rush for 1174 yards last season in a Marcelus Maximus Bellefeuille offense with what I consider a very average Oline so... We picked up an established CFL running back for probably around half of what Hamilton will be paying for Avon....:slight_smile:

no u picked up a guy who cant get a yard when it really counts

He was very tentative last year. I felt he took a step back but I think its not a bad deal bringing him to camp. I dont know that he would make the team. I’m more concerned that his blocking ability will be his downfall. We’ll see I guess.

Jarrett Payton?

Do you mean the guy who had a father named Walter Payton who was a star in the NFL ?

...MJ, I'm contemplating a temporary ban on you for that...

Rod, is that you? :smiley: :smiley:

Cobb is a frustrating back, a lot of talent and can make people miss and gets yards but too much OJ type dancing. I'd rather a back live Cobourne who might not be as fancy but is more reliable all around and especially on short yardage as some mention. Low centre of gravity.

Of course, I'd rather have Avon as well but the fact is he walked... So Als are looking at bringing as much competition to the position as possible and right now the competition they have is good and we are still months away from camp. Between the Oline the Als have, the coaching and the passing game they have. I think this is a pretty good situation for a running back...

Uhmm.. that would be a Mike "Vanilla" Gibson offense

Who on most night seems to be too much INTO the Gibson's Finest

I think you mean a pretty good offensive line.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Bellefeuille's offenses have been tepid at best any time he's been an OC.

So what you are saying then is.... A Canada Goose and a Loon are the same thing, because they look similar

Not at all. What I'm saying is that it's not like things would have been any better had Bellefeuille taken the controls, because his offenses haven't been great shakes. In fact, I think his offenses have been consistently worse, statistically, than Gibson's was last year.